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Stockholm Syndrome


Imagine you are taken captive by an aggressor and forced to live with the threat of death daily. You are cut off from the real world and your world is now at the mercies of another. It is difficult and frightening and confusing. You’re scared.

Now imagine you wake up one day and you are offered freedom. You are given an open door: an escape. You refuse. You won’t run. In fact you have become comfortable with your captor. You’re okay with the circumstances. You have come to accept the conditions you have been given and if rescued from your captor you grow resentful of the ones who have rescued you. That’s pretty bizarre isn’t it?

Well, yes and no. It happens all the time to battered spouses, drug addicts, alcoholics, kidnap victims, members of cults…the list goes on. People may not enjoy a scenario, but if they can see no other option they will learn to deal with the scenario. Without a radical transition they may grow to embrace their situation.

However, my concern is not with the above mentioned groups of people; rather it is with the Body of Christ. Are we suffering from Stockholm Syndrome? Have we allowed ourselves to be held captive by circumstances for so long that we have started to accept and even embrace them as the truth? Take a look at your current situation and ask yourself is this where I really want to be? Or have you merely forgotten that you are a child of God and a joint heir with Jesus?

You are more than a conqueror my friend! You are the victor and not the victim. Jesus has called you to live a victorious life and a life full of the blessings of the Lord. Jesus has paid for your freedom. You have been redeemed unto God by Jesus Christ. Your ransom has been paid. The doorway to a life of liberty was forever opened when Jesus hung upon the cross for our sins! It is time for us to stand up in Jesus’s name and by the grace of God walk out of the circumstances and walk into the Life of God. It would be a shame to live another day bound only by a false sense of security and blinded by the lies of the enemy and our own unbelief. We are free to live for Him, but we are bound to live by the worlds we choose to see. Father let our eyes be opened to the truth; that we may see You in all things and rise to every occasion by Your Grace. Amen

Q: Is this really where you want to be in your relationship with God? What is keeping you from walking through that door of freedom?


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