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No Parking!


Imagine traveling hard dusty paths through the wilderness, having no home, no sense of “place,” no real belonging. You eat the same dry thing, day in and day out. You go through the same motions. You have no real relationship with God – only fear that you will be swallowed alive by the earth or bitten by poisonous snakes if you don’t obey. What kind of existence would that be? Can you imagine the RELIEF you would feel to know that the Lord has said you are finally ready to cross over from this barren existence into a lush, rich land of abundance? A place you can call your own, set down your roots, and experience rest? A place where each day is a fresh, new experience with God and with those around you? What would you do to get to such a place? You’d willingly leave behind all the things that kept you in that wilderness place, right? All the old habits of mind and action; all the old ways of thinking and doing? Of course you’d be willing to give that all up in order to live in the Promised Land!

Or would you? There were two and a half tribes of Israel that decided not to cross over. They had become accustomed to the routine, to the dry and stale. They were used to a distant relationship with God. They were used to living by the miraculous, rather than by faith and actions. They lost all of their God-given drive to conquer, to obtain, and to have dominion. In other words, they lost their fight. They were willing to see others obtain an inheritance of faith while they settled for an inheritance of the familiar.

God has said we have crossed over. In this time of possessing our new territory, don’t look longingly back to the old and familiar. Don’t park on the brink of obtaining your inheritance!

Q: What is keeping you stuck? What circumstances are keeping you from crossing over into all that God has already provided for you?


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