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Let Daddy Fix It


When they were small, my children would often break their toys. When I would come home from work, I would find them at the door with their broken toy in hand asking me to “fix it.” I was handy about fixing things, and they had come to expect their daddy would fix anything. Since I could almost always fix the broken toys, they came to believe that all they had to do was give it to me, and it would be better. The key, of course, was they had to give it to me. I couldn’t fix the toy until they released it to me. As long as they held it in their hands, I was limited as to what I could do. They also could not tell me how to fix it, because they did not understand how the toys worked. They had to completely release the toy to me and trust me to fix it my way.

Too often, we call on God to “fix it,” but we don’t completely release the problem to Him. Sometimes we even want to tell Him how to “fix it” (as if our way is better!). As long as we hold onto the problem, we limit God in “fixing it.” I love my children very much and it was my pleasure to fix their toys. I loved seeing the smile on their faces when I gave it back to them, fixed and ready to use. Our Heavenly Father loves us even more. It gives Him great pleasure to “fix” our problems. What we have to learn is to give them over to Him completely and not tell Him how to fix them. When we learn to do this, we can expect a peace that comes with knowing He is faithful to His promises.

Q: What is it in your life right now that you need God to fix? What do you think is keeping you from trusting Him to do it?


Comments on: "Let Daddy Fix It" (2)

  1. Many times, the process of being healed is alot more painful than the actual time of being hurt. The point of collision in a car wreck is only a few seconds. The time it takes to clean up the wreck… sometimes takes months or even years. Dealing with any losses, dealing with medical bills, dealing with the frustrating insurance company, dealing with 10 other people telling you different opinions of what they think you should do… it all takes TIME weaving in and out of those difficult issues to trust GOD that you’re making the right decision… but it all takes TIME! Patience with myself is a big determinate in the matter.

  2. millieberrie30 said:

    For me the answer would be “Just me”… not in a bad way because in many ways I am happy but there are things I need fixing and I’m reluctant to ask for help or give myself up to be helped. I’m not even sure why.
    I love what you have written here though …it has really made me think.
    Thank you

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