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He said WHAT???

“…Who [is] this uncircumcised Philistine, that he should defy the armies of the living God?” I Samuel 17:26

Goliath was a mighty warrior. He had been trained from his youth to be a man of war. His mere presence intimidated the armies of Israel and left them shaking in their shoes, unwilling to do battle against him.

The children of Israel had done battle in the land for many generations by the time Goliath showed up on the scene. They had conquered Canaan land and had defeated all of Goliath’s ancestors. God had given them a land to subdue, and they had exercised their faith in God by taking the land away from the enemy. Where was this same faith, years later, when the seed of the enemy returned to challenge their right and authority to possess the land? Why is it they were afraid of this one giant, when their forefathers had defeated armies of giants?

David was a youth with a call of God on his life. He knew from experience that God had equipped him to defeat any enemy that tried to hinder him. David didn’t sit in the wilderness, crying out to God to save his little sheep from harm. No! Instead, David was a man of action; he acted on his faith. He knew that the same God who gave him the job to protect the flock in the first place, was the same God who would give him the strength and wisdom to keep that flock from lions and bears.

When David heard Goliath, he thought, “What can this one enemy do to me, when my God has called and equipped me to possess this land?” In other words, David was saying, “He said WHAT?!!” So, he gave voice to that thought when he challenged Goliath. But he didn’t stop there. It wasn’t enough to say, “Oh, it’s only an attack of the enemy.” No, David did something. He followed his words up with an action. He took what was in his hands, having faith in God, remembering his past victories, and defeated the enemy. He fought…and it was a good fight of faith.

You have an enemy in your life, challenging you to prove that you have the right to continue possessing your land. Like the armies of Israel, so many of us have forgotten how to fight the good fight of faith. We have forgotten that God is the one who called and equipped us. That God is the one who helped us defeat past enemies. That this same God is the one who has given us tools to defeat this present enemy. After all, the enemy staring you in the face is only the seed. Jesus already defeated Satan and made an open show of him. You already overcame the enemy in your past by standing on the Word and using your faith to possess what Jesus provided for you. This present enemy is only doing what Goliath did – testing you to see if you really believe that this land is yours and that God has equipped you to continue to possess it.

So, look at the enemy in your life rather than cower in fear against it. Challenge that enemy by saying, “Who are you to think you can stop me, a child of God?” Don’t be content to sit by after you have made the challenge. Remind yourself of all the times He has led you in victory in your past. Look to see what the Lord has put in your hands today, and use this to overcome the enemy.

Fight the good fight of faith!

Q: After you declare your victory and act on your promises, you need to testify of the goodness of God. We want to hear testimonies of your victory over the enemy in your life!!!


Comments on: "He said WHAT???" (2)

  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  2. I’m not commenting to share a story, but I did want to note one sentence that particularly stood out to me in this post. I like the line, “Remind yourself of all the times He has led you in victory in your past.” I really like this idea; I think it’s huge in our relationships with God. If we can simply hold on to what we know about and have seen from God, we will be overwhelmingly more compelled to trust Him to lead us well.

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