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Do you ever need God to speak to you? I mean REALLY speak to you? It never ceases to amaze me how God speaks. Last year, the Lord spoke this word of encouragement to our church. It was a timely message, filled with the hope of restoration. The most awesome thing about a true Word from God is that is is ALWAYS fresh…it continues to speak. Well, this piece is speaking to me today…allow it to bring you a renewed hope in God’s plan for your life, as it has mine. With that hope, enter into the REST that comes when God restores peace to your heart.

“You haven’t seen anything yet,” says the Spirit of the Lord. “All of the building blocks that have been put in place up until this point have had a purpose. Even in those times when you tried things, and you did things, and you said, ‘it looks like it didn’t work.’ Know this,” saith the Lord, “be careful not to say that anymore.”

“For don’t you know that you were in training all this time? Don’t you know that I was working a plan all this time? Don’t you know that you have things in you right now that you have been preparing for, and that [they] are not just for this house and not just for this territory, but are for the nations? So understand and know that this is a place of training, it is a place of growth, and it is a place of maturity and preparation. For your schooling is taking place and your training is taking place and you will fulfill that which you were trained for,” saith the Lord.

“And for some of you,” I hear the spirit of God saying, “even those things that I showed you years ago that you had laid aside and thought, ‘Well it was foolish thinking; it was just something that was in my mind.’ No, no, no,” saith the Lord, “that was what I was giving you and it was for such a time as this.” And I also hear the spirit of God saying, “Don’t worry about the time that’s lost, because I can make sure that all is restored!” saith the Lord.

-A prophetic word given to Gateway Believers Fellowship by Apostle David Coker, July 27, 2008.


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