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Going To Your Well


This article was first published in the sweltering, late-summer, Georgia heat. It might not be hot outside where you are right now, but you can still connect with the image. Before you read it, think about a time when you were really thirsty… no, I mean REALLY parched. Got the picture? Then you’re ready to read…

“…but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.” – John 4:14

Imagine living long ago when communities shared a common well. Picture yourself carrying a large, heavy, wooden bucket several blocks in extreme heat to the community well. Sweat is pouring down your face and dripping down your back. Your mouth is dry and your throat sore from the heat. The bucket seems to get heavier with every step, but you keep moving toward the well because you are so thirsty and hot.

As you approach the well, you notice a stranger sitting idly by. You can tell by the way he looks that he is from another community, many miles from yours. As you haul your heavy load up to the well, he asks you to give him a drink.

“Why are you asking me for water?” you demand. “You have a well in your community. You have all you need over there. People from your neighborhood never even associate with people from around here. Why do you want me to give you water from our well?”

The stranger smiles as he says, “If you knew the generous gift God has prepared for you, and that I am able to give you that gift, you would be asking me for a drink instead of the other way around.”

By now you think he has lost his mind. He doesn’t have any water. He doesn’t have anything to draw the water out of your well with. What’s he trying to pull? “Excuse me, sir,” you reply. “You must have heat stroke. You don’t have anything to get water with, so how are you going to give me any water to drink? Do you think you’re smarter than everyone else in this town? Are you a better man than everyone who ever lived here and had to draw water out of this well just like I am about to do?”

He points to the well and says, “You’ll draw some of this water, try to carry it home without spilling it, use it to drink, to cook with, and to wash. But then what? It’s all gone! You’ll have to come back and get more. I know a way you can be filled with refreshing water all the time…forever!”

You consider this. It is very hot. You are very tired. You have walked a long way with a heavy bucket that will only be heavier once it’s full and you have to carry it back home. You have done this same chore, day after day, year after year. What if there was a way for you to avoid this same old routine? What if you could get rid of this heavy load? Sure you’d go for it! “Give me this water so I won’t ever get thirsty and won’t ever have to come back to this well again!” you’d respond, throwing the old bucket down.

And the kind stranger would give you the gift that will cause you to never thirst again – to never labor under your own effort again. It will take away routine and will always bring refreshing. It is your own personal well. You carry this well in your own spirit and it never runs dry. It is a well of love, joy, peace. In this well is rest and refreshing. The water tastes like hope and stirs faith to rise in your heart.

Consider your spiritual life. Is it like a desert for you right now in the midst of a trial or test? Are you weary from your own labor? Are you hot and tired, barely able to go through this same routine again and again? Does it seem like help is a million miles away?

Then dip into your spirit and be refreshed. Pray, worship, and meditate God’s Word concerning who you are and what He desires for you. He has made a way for you to have life and have it more abundantly.

Just go to your well.

Q: Have you ever thought about it this way? We always think about needing to go to God to get what we need, but have you ever considered that He put what you need INSIDE you??


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  1. If we would only grasp and embrace the truth of our own value. it is God who has given us the well to draw from, yet out of ignorance, indifference, or outright rebellion, we too often ignore the power of God within us. I enjoyed this article because it helped me remember that I do have a well from which to draw, my own! 🙂

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