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Heir Apparent

Now if we are children (of God), then we are heirs – heirs of God and joint-heirs with Christ; indeed we share in His sufferings that we may also share in His glory. – Romans 8:17

So, we have entered into a new administration. Rather than pointing fingers, criticizing, and trying to spread fear, let’s look at what we can learn from this situation and even from this new man.

See, we are heirs to God’s throne. We are heirs to God Almighty and His Kingdom, and yes we are His elect. We may not be in a natural position of authority over a nation like Barack Obama now is, but we are in positions of authority as God’s children (and His authority is greater in reach!). I know many of you may not like the new President, but recognize how he has taken on his new role. He is not shying away from the power that he is beginning to yield. He isn’t apologizing to his defeated opponent for winning. He is planning and implementing his administration; in fact he was already planning it behind the scenes months ago. He spent much time meeting with world leaders, former White House aides, and President and Mrs. Bush. After his election was confirmed, he wasn’t cowering and timid or fearful of stepping into his new office. He was just being who he would soon become.

So, what about us? The Bible says all creation is waiting for the Sons of God to take their rightful seats in both the spirit and physical realm (Romans 8:19). We have been given power and authority in Jesus’ Name, but we often shy away from it. It is time for us to stop apologizing to the enemies of religion for being the Sons of God. We should be meeting and strategizing with rulers of the kingdoms in our own territory, knowing that we are the ones who hold the answers they need. God hasn’t given us the fear that keeps us from stepping into our rightful place; that comes from the enemy. It is time for us to stop acting like children, and just Be His Children!

God has done everything He is ever going to do. He isn’t sending more Holy Ghost. He isn’t pouring out more miracles, signs and wonders. He isn’t even making more five-fold ministry gifts in a factory somewhere in heaven. We are all He has to work with. We are His heirs. It isn’t just an opportunity to change the world around us; it is an obligation. We are redeemed and ransomed into His family. When we accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior we divorced our rights to self and accepted the terms that come with God’s endowment. When we accepted the Blood of Jesus we agreed to abide according to the decrees and edicts of God’s unchanging laws and rules. We are soldiers. We are sons. We are Ministers of Reconciliation.

Be strong and of good courage!

Be strong in the Lord and the Power of His might!

Just be the heir He has already made you!


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