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Amazonian Roots


Did you know the Amazon Rainforest is the largest untouched, contiguous forest on the planet? Without it, there would not be enough oxygen in the Earth’s atmosphere to sustain life. Yet there is a unique quality to this vast forest – it grows in possibly the worst soil in the world! Massive trees grow in only a couple of inches of topsoil. How is this possible you ask? Simple…it’s all in the roots.

When we look at a tree, all we generally think about is the part we see above ground. But if you could look beneath the ground, you would find a vast, intricate system of roots spreading both out and down. The roots are what hold the tree in place and provide the strength needed to continue growing taller and taller.

“But,” you may reply, “I have seen plenty of trees uprooted by strong winds and storms. The roots can’t be too strong.” This is an excellent observation, but I would ask you this question in response: “How many trees were growing next to it or with it?” Ever hear the expression, “There’s strength in numbers?” Well, there is! The Amazon rainforests survive repeated yearly floods and are never destroyed. The reason being, their roots are intertwined with each other. The Amazon rainforest root system is not a collection of individual trees standing their own individual ground, but an interactive, intertwined, collective mass of roots which provide unwavering strength to the entire forest.

co07-0326Well that’s wonderful to know, but what does this have to do with me? Great question! Back in October of 2005, the Word of the Lord came to this church proclaiming that the Church will never be any stronger than the strength of the relationships within it. Since then, God has been continuously providing opportunities for us to build and strengthen relationships within the church through multiple classes, events, outreaches, and ministries.

Have you taken advantage of these opportunities or pursued developing new and deeper relationships with your fellow believers? After all, the church is to be “rooted and grounded in love.” God’s love is the root of our strength. Jesus commands us to love the Lord our God with all of our being, and to love our neighbor as ourselves. Love is the root that binds us together and strengthens us as an interactive, intertwined, collective Body of Christ.

When we fail to pursue, develop, and/or deepen our relationships with each other, we are spiritually isolating ourselves and are relying solely on our own individual root system. God’s plan is for us to be planted together in one location, spreading our roots out and pursuing deeper relationship with Him and our fellow believers. Intertwining our roots with one another till we no longer exist as individual trees but as one unified, massive jungle of believers, immovable by the world’s storms because of our unified root system.

So stop being an isolationist, and ask God for the grace to be a relational man or woman of God. As we grow our roots through relationships, the world will begin to see the sons of God manifested. After all, isn’t it Jesus who said, “The world will know that you are mine in that you have love one for another?” Spread the love! Spread your roots!

Q: Check up from the neck up…. How strong are your relationships??


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