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In Bloom


s4921469_47457663_2184599Spring is here! If you don’t believe me, look out your window. I know it’s been cold at night, but that is what Spring does. A very interesting thing occurred to me the other day at work. It was 28 degrees in the morning and 78 that afternoon. Weird right? Well, maybe not so weird. Have you ever come in from the blistering summer heat into a very cold building or house? You get all flushed and disoriented, maybe even a little nauseated. That’s normal because your body didn’t have time to acclimate itself to the temperature change. Likewise, in Winter you come in from the cold, jump in the shower, and all of a sudden your toes are on fire. Hello frostbite! Again, it’s an acclimation problem. So what am I getting at then?s4921469_47458086_4529785

Something is happening. Isn’t that what the Lord spoke through Apostle David at the beginning of last year? We, as individuals and as a corporate body, are moving into a new season and we have to begin to acclimate ourselves with our new surroundings. Maybe we have to change what we are wearing. Maybe we’ve got to dress in layers so that if it gets cold one night we don’t freeze. Maybe we need to know that, like all things God does, change takes a little bit of time. I know there are those suddenly moments, but I also know that God can only move us as quickly as we allow Him.

We are the like the bird breaking out of our shells, and God isn’t going to break the shell for us. We need this time of adaptation to make us strong and prepare us for the new season of life we are about to experience. Acclimate. Adapt. Be. This is a new season here at Gateway and at your church, too; let’s prepare ourselves for the journey!dscf5845


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  1. The Celebration said:

    Want to give credit to Cynthia Hendrix at Cyndicated for the first two spring pictures on this post… beautiful shots of her mother-in-law’s place. To read more, be sure to check out her blog at !

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