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Failure-A faith supporter


Ever notice how we so easily enter into a state of coasting through life, deceiving ourselves (subconsciously and consciously) into believing we have somehow arrived, only to have the wonderful assistance of failure to jerk us back into reality? This phenomenon tends to be heightened when we try to use the old way of doing things while in a new place.

A few days ago, I had to present a scientific paper in front of my class. I, of course, having presented scientific papers and data previously, thought, “Oh, no problem. I’ve done this a million times! I will show my classmates how this is done.” Well, as you might already have figured out, my pride and method of preparation left me sorely lacking. The presentation wasn’t a complete disaster, but it was, let’s say, a painful experience for most everyone involved.

I was then faced with the wonderful opportunity to focus on my weaknesses and question why I was even in graduate school. However, I decided that I would allow my failure to be my teacher and not my tormentor. I realized the presentation had gone the way it had because I had failed to recognize the new environment of excellence in which I am now being trained. The lackadaisical elements of my old approach to the presentation showed up for everyone to see…especially me! It was then that I realized a couple of things. First of all, I have developed a reliance on ME that has to be replaced by a complete reliance on Holy Ghost. Secondly, I realized anew that following after God’s plan for my life means that there are giants in this new land that have to be dealt with: giants of pride, apathy, and fear of failure.

We all have crossed over the Jordan spiritually, but this is also manifested in our own personal lives. God is calling us to higher levels of stewardship, discipline, and excellence. Unfortunately, the idiom of “you’ll never change until the pain of change outweighs the pain of staying the same,” still applies. I realized we have to make some adjustments in our spiritual, as well as physical, daily /walks, if we are to prosper as God has destined us to in this new land. So be encouraged! Embrace the pain! Embrace the failures! Embrace new ways! Embrace the change! Let them be your compass to success in the new place God has brought us!

Q: Think about some area in which you have failed miserably lately…. now, how can that help propel you forward??


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