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The Power to Become a Son

“But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, [even] to them that believe on his name.” – John 1:12

Most Christians believe we’re waiting around here for Jesus, the Son, to return in the clouds so we can all hang up our hats and go home. We want Jesus to appear back on the scene and rescue us. Well, the Bible tells us in Romans 8:19 that all of creation is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God. Not the manifestation of Jesus. That has already happened. The Church is waiting for the manifestation of THE Son of God, while all of the earth is looking for the SONS of God!

We all know Jesus is the Son of God, but He’s not the only one. He has given us the power to choose to become sons of God. In John 1:12, the word for “power” is the Greek word exousia, meaning “power to choose, permission, and privilege.” We have been given the permission and the privilege to become sons. All we have to do is choose to become one.

Romans 8:14 tells us that the sons of God are those who are led by the spirit of God. In order for me to grow as a son, I must learn to follow my spirit. The Lord has been challenging us recently to “go to our wells.” Why is it important to God that we learn how to draw from the richness in the depths of our spirit? Because it is out of our spirits that we will begin to manifest our sonship.

Has it occurred to you that all of creation is waiting for you? Waiting for me? Maybe it’s time we stopped talking about the manifestation of sons, and we started BECOMING the sons He has already made us to be. Remember, if you believe on Him, then He has already given you the power to choose to become a son.

What do you choose?

Remember our foundational scripture for this series in Hebrews 12:8. If we refuse to fulfill God’s purpose for our lives, we are acting as illegitimate children – bastards. Many Christians are sitting around sky gazing – acting as a bastard and not a son – waiting for Jesus to come back and rescue them, instead of fulfilling their purpose as representatives of Christ here on earth.

So, now we ask you again: What do you choose?

Comments on: "Quit Being a Bastard: Part 1" (1)

  1. Recently, I visited a church very different from Gateway. I seem to forget sometimes what I DO have have at GBF of Carnesville, GA 🙂 The pastor seemed like a wonderful pastor. You could tell he LOVED GOD and he LOVED people. One of the beginning statements he made was, “the reason this church is so ‘successful’ is because of 5% of my training in college, 45% my personal experience, and 50% my intimicy with God.” …What a second… the only way I’ve made it even this far in my life is due to 100% GOD! …AND positioning myself under someone who listens to and obeys GOD. Sometimes, I feel like I’m a bastard all the time, because God continues to use authority to shape me and mold me into something I can’t even see, yet… it then gets EXTREMELY uncomfortable!!! But, I’m seeing that that is when true intimacy is developed… when His strengths actually take over my weaknesses!!! hmmmmmm….

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