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We Are Family!

In a multitude of counselors there is safety. – Proverbs 11:14, KJV

We are family. We thrive together or we die together; there’s really no in-between. We’ve rejoiced together, we’ve mourned together, we’ve learned together, and we’ve changed together. We’ve experienced some great highs together, and we’ve experienced some great lows together! And through it all, we’ve grown together – not just as individuals growing in Christ, but also as a church. As a family, I believe we’ve grown closer to each other, more dependent on one another, more trusting in one another, and now have more respect for one another than ever before.

In order for us to minister one to another at the most effective level, we should all be reminded of some of the things which have been declared over the past year by the prophets of the house:

1)    A call to purity – we must stretch forth to a new level of purity before the Lord in our actions, our hearts, our thoughts, and our words.

I believe that a line has been drawn in the Spirit around this house like a ring. Holy Ghost has drawn this line and said, “If you want to operate inside this line, then you have to keep up with this standard. If you really want the prophetic, if you really want the miracles, signs and wonders, then this is the cost.” We are accountable to others for all that we do. Not only that, but we are accountable to one another to fulfill all that God has planned for our lives. What if Samson had leaned on a team member to keep him accountable to continuing in the life of purity he had pledged himself to? He didn’t have a team or a family that would challenge him and help hold him accountable to his life in God. It is critical that we learn from that here at Gateway and rely on our church family to help us by challenging us and providing us with accountability.

2)    Watching our words – we must constantly evaluate what we are giving voice to in our lives.

Last year, during the 90 Days of Praise, we were challenged to praise God for all He is, what he had done, and what He was doing. We focused our attention on Him, not realizing how important a lesson that would be as we approached the end of 2008 with all its natural crises. Now, as we shift gears and refocus on the God dreams for our lives, we have to remember that whatever we speak will come to pass. We frame our world with our words – whether intentionally or not! Our words are powerful and bring either life or death. As a family, we can help each other guard our words and put a stop to faithless talking, course jesting, and idle thoughts giving voice to the plans of the enemy for our lives. We can also help each other use the authority we have in our words to command the enemy to flee from our lives and circumstances.

3) A warning about familiarity – we must not be in familiar relationship with people who are being influenced by demons or rebellion.

This is subtle and deceiving – and probably the hardest thing to recognize – as a danger in our lives. If you notice, the word familiar is made when you put family and liar together. It is a wrong (lying) perception of the place of relationship (family). It’s like a teen who thinks he should to be treated as an adult because his thoughts, feelings, and emotions (with the help of the devil) have lied to him about his place in the family. The people we are in relationship with sometimes have wrong perceptions about their place in the family of God.

We must understand that the people we are in relationship with always influence us, both positively and negatively. If someone leaves this house – this vision – we have to recognize that they are no longer in the same place in the family and, therefore, the relationship is not the same. When we try to act like nothing has changed and the relationship is still the same, it becomes a familiar relationship and their “family ties” can influence us into wrong thinking and wrong behavior. The relationship has become a liar against the family. This is not the fault of the people who leave; it is our responsibility to treat each relationship correctly. This is yet another reason to keep the Gateway Family – or your church family wherever you are –  at the center of your relationships, acting as a standard of measure for every other relationship in your life.

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