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I’ll Cover You

The darkest hour of my life
When it seemed I can’t go on
Beaten down by all the things I’d said
And the things I had done wrong
I cried unto the Lord
And I heard this word break through,
“Look up, My son
It’s all been done,
and I will cover you.”

“I’ll cover you when you get weary
I’ll cover you when you fall
I see you when you stumble
But My Blood will cover all.”

“I’ll cover you.
I’ve covered you”


Comments on: "I’ll Cover You" (3)

  1. The Celebration said:

    Uncle Tree – thank you for your comment. I have NO idea what this might have to do with a cooking chicken, and I’m not sure how to change those “possibly related…” It did make me laugh, though, so it’s all good!


  2. me2watson said:

    Sometimes those ‘Possibly related posts’
    are such a joke. The chicken?
    Got that covered! The whole meal
    needs a blessing. If we
    break through the veil, we’ll
    be caught all the same.

    This was heartfelt.
    Uncle Tree

  3. The Celebration said:

    No matter what…HE is always there! You may seem to be in the valley of the shadow of death right now, but walk on through! He’s promised to never leave you or forsake you!

    Just wanted to share this with you all today. I needed the reminder myself!

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