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Unleash Your Faith

Did you know that most of our character flaws come from a lack of Faith?  See, if we really believed that God was omnipresent and we REALLY believed He was with us all the time, and we really believed He loved us enough to set us free, we wouldn’t have problems with pornography, or unfaithfulness to our spouses, or alcohol, or drugs, or lying, or even foolish talk!  Real holiness is rooted in REAL FAITH!  He that cometh unto God must first BELIEVE THAT HE IS!  In other words, the key part of being a BELIEVER is BELIEVING!  Imagine that!

The most difficult question I’ve ever had to answer as a Christian is how do you know God is real?  You scoff, but let me ask you… how do you know?  Yeah, it’s easy to laugh or even feel embarrassed that a child might ask that question, but the truth is, most of us would have a hard time answering it.  Ultimately, every time I hear that question it comes back down to a single answer for me.  Because I know how I used to be, and I see where I am today, and I know that there is no way that I could have gotten from there to here without somebody else’s help!  I BELIEVE THAT GOD IS REAL BECAUSE OF THE MANNER OF LOVE THE FATHER HAS BESTOWED UPON ME!  That’s how I know He is!  I’ve seen people healed, delivered, and set free, and I know that it was not by my hands or by their awesomeness; but instead, it could only be by the One I believe in and place my whole trust in: THE ONE WHO LOVES ME!

Knowing God is real is the most difficult thing that most of us will face.  Oh, we may believe He exists, but does that make Him real?  I mean, even Satan and his angels believe that God exists.  However, they refuse to accept His culture and His kingdom as the TRUE way of doing things.  So the question is this, do you believe God exists or do you believe He is REAL!  Do you believe He is the TRUTH about your life?  I mean that He IS THE WAY, THE TRUTH, and THE LIFE!  Really do you believe it?  Because if you really believe it then every area of your life should follow His way for it, His Truth about it, and His Life in it! The first step to really BELIEVING this in every area of your life is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ!  You’ve got to be willing to talk to Him about everything.  Let Him in on your screw-ups, your wins, your losses, your downtime, your uptime, EVERYTHING!  Stop hiding parts of your life from God!  It doesn’t work anyway!

One final note: Did you know that FEAR is absolute faith?  It’s not the opposite of Faith; it’s absolute faith that I have no control over the present situation.  If I turned that Rottweiler on the chain loose, you would run, scream, or be frozen by fear because you would suddenly have absolute faith that you had no control over that dog anymore.  The Bible says that we are to Fear the Lord and depart from evil!  That doesn’t mean be scared of God!  It means LET Him off of the leash in your life!  Give Him complete control and get out of control of your own life.  Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding.  FEARING GOD IS THE PERFECT ACT OF FAITH and it is based and rooted in Love!  When we fear God we will depart from evil, because He will steer us clear of it.  When we fear the Lord we will live a clean life, a close life to Him, a HOLY LIFE!

So let God be “off da’ Chain” in your life!

(First published 09.14.08)


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