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Blessing, part 1

What does it really mean to be blessed? We have always thought of blessing as something we can see, something tangible. We say someone is blessed because they are wealthy, or they’re blessed because they are healthy. The definition of Blessing is: the endowed power for prosperity and success. When you become blessed, you do not get things; you receive the power, authority, and ability to get things.

Our traditional way of thinking is that someone is blessed because of the things they have. But think of Joseph. Genesis 39 says that the Lord was with Joseph when he was a slave in the Egyptian’s house. Joseph had no material things, but he was blessed. He was successful as a slave and moved up very quickly. Wherever he was, things worked well for Joseph. Even though he had setback after setback, he always rose to the top of whatever situation he was in. Whether he was abased or abounding, he was still blessed! That is what blessing is.

How are we blessed? We have heard of generational curses, but what about generational blessings? God blessed Abraham, and then he started to prosper. He had wealth, land, and servants, but he was also endowed with power for prosperity. Abraham blessed Isaac. Jacob stole Esau’s blessing, but he was still blessed by Isaac. Jacob passed his blessing on to Joseph. Do you see the pattern? The blessing was passed through the descendants of Abraham.

The Bible says that we are the children of Abraham. That means we are already blessed. We do not have to fight for God’s blessing. We do not have to struggle for the blessing. You do not “earn” the blessing. You cannot be good enough to get it or bad enough to lose it. We are already blessed.

End Part 1


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