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Blessing, Part 2

How do the good things come then? Picture the wind. What comes to your mind? You immediately think of trees imagesbeing blown, swaying grass, or leaves being blown around you. But you do not see the wind; you see the effects of the wind. In the same way, prosperity, success, wealth, and health are all the effects of blessing. The blessing itself is the power to have what we once thought was the blessing. It is the power to have those good things. Abraham was blessed, so he had the power to get land, silver, cattle, and servants. Joseph was blessed, so he rose rapidly from being a slave to being in charge of the kingdom’s grain. Once you become blessed, the things that you have been promised will start to flow in.

Here’s the greatest piece of all. We aren’t just blessed as Abraham’s children. Abraham was a servant of God, as were Isaac and Jacob. As servants, they were all tremendously blessed. But the Bible says that I’m not an heir of a servant of God, but I am joint-heirs with Jesus! Jesus isn’t a servant; He is a son! That means I get all equal rights and privileges with the burden removing, yoke destroying, power of God!

See, Moses, was a servant of God, and he parted the waters. But Jesus was the Son of God, and He walked on the water! God rained down manna on His servants, the children of Israel. But Jesus took a two-piece fish dinner and fed more than 5,000 people! Servants have to wait on the master to send a miracle for their blessing to come. But a son looks at the circumstances around him and bends the very rules of nature with his authority, wisdom, and faith no matter what the situation is! We are blessed by the endowment of power for prosperity and success because we are joint heirs with JESUS!!!

(First published 07.27.08)


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