Real Church. Real Life. Real Celebration.

It isn’t hard to know what kinds of people you should be connected with in your life. All you have to do is look for those who share your values. It isn’t really hard to spot a true Apostolic church…all you have to do is examine what they value. Let’s take a look at 15 values shared by those embracing the Apostolic Move.

1) Truth – Apostolic people pursue and desire truth, no matter what the truth is.

2) Baptism of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other tongues – Apostolic churches refuse to compromise on this issue, knowing that compromise creates churches without the Spirit moving freely.

3) Corporate Anointing – Believers come together to worship, pray, and receive from God, with every one bringing their supply in the spirit.

4) Character – The Apostolic church exposes sin as it manifests. You have to live right and walk in love if you’re going to be an ambassador for the Kingdom.

5) Signs, Wonders, and Miracles – Apostolic people are not content with a life without miracles, knowing that miracles cause  unbelievers to accept Christ.

6) Spiritual Growth – CHANGE! If your words, attitude, and thinking are changing, then you are changing. If your love for others is growing, you are growing. In the Apostolic church, spiritual growth is not an option; it’s a demand!

7) Spiritual Sons/Daughters – Apostles are spiritual fathers who teach accountability and don’t allow sons and daughters to find excuses not to grow and fulfill their call.

8 ) Building the Church – Any ministry that builds a man is not an apostolic ministry. The apostolic move is all about building the Church and establishing the Kingdom.

9) Relationships – God will put people in your life to see something in you – good or bad – that you cannot see. Churches will never be any stronger than the relationships in them.

10) Impartation – Apostolic people understand the power of impartation of grace from one believer to another.

11) Integrity in the Ministry – True apostolic churches will never merchandise the gospel, compromise the Word, or jeopardize the work of the Kingdom.

12) Balance and Stability – There is balance to our walk of faith. For example, if you are warring more than you’re worshipping, you are putting the devil in God’s place.

13) Divine Purpose of God in our life- The apostolic places great importance on believers finding and fulfilling divine purpose. if you don’t know who you are, you won’t fulfill your destiny.

14)     Deals with mindsets – The apostolic doesn’t back away from controversial issues in the church, but faces strongholds and attacks mindsets that bring division, confusion, or frustration to the purpose of God.

15)     Leadership – Discipleship always translates into leadership at some level. The apostolic church trains and equips leaders.

Each of these shared values have at its heart the Kingdom of God. If you don’t value the principles of the Kingdom, you will never see the fulfillment of God’s plan for His church.

I ask you again: What is it that you value?


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