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We’re all familiar with the parable of the Sower of the Word in the fourth chapter of Mark. We’re actually too familiar with it.  We’re so familiar with it that we don’t stop to think who may really be testing the Word in our life. We assume it’s the devil, so we get to binding and loosing right away, making sure that ol’ devil doesn’t steal our Word.images

But what if your test isn’t coming from the devil? What if it’s coming from God? See, we’ve gotten so comfortable with this scripture that we think the enemy is the only one who shows up to test the Word we have heard…. but he’s not. God shows up, too!

God is the Sower. How many good gardeners do you know that sow their plants into the ground and never show back up to tend them or see what they produce? No, a good gardener will weed around the seed, keep pests away, and pluck and prune as the plant grows to be sure it’s healthy and strong. All of this plucking and pruning is for the benefit of the seed, but it sure doesn’t feel good!

Last Sunday, God really spoke to me. In many ways, I had allowed the hardships I have encountered over this past year to overcome me in such a way that I had stopped magnifying my office. When she said it, I saw it, repented, and began immediately to magnify the Kingdom assignment that I have been given in a way that I have not done for many months. This, of course, caused me to have great joy and excitement to be fulfilling God’s call on my life.

But then….

Something happened at work this week that caused me to be taken aback. Immediately, my resolve to magnify my office was tested. Dumb ol’ devil. Or was it Holy Ghost instead? The reaction I had to this set back caused all kinds of emotions to surface in me… pride, self-reliance, fear of failure. When they surfaced, I had a choice to make. I could fall into the comfortable old pattern of saying it was the devil, resist him, and expect him to go. OR, I could acknowledge that Holy Ghost might have shown up instead, providing me with an opportunity to look at the things that had kept me from magnifying my office in the first place. By exposing those weeds, I could take care of the things that choked that precious seed in the past. I had to see that it was what was in me that was hindering me, not what was in the devil.

Now, I’m not saying the enemy won’t come to try the Word you receive. But what I am saying is this: look for Holy Ghost to show up in your life when the Word comes, allowing you an opportunity to weed out around the seed. That way, when the enemy does come, you’ve already taken away anything he can use against you.


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