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Where Are You?

images-1Have you ever been traveling along on auto-pilot, thinking about other things than where you’re going, when suddenly you look around you and your surroundings seem totally unfamiliar? You panic thinking you missed your turn somewhere while you anxiously search for some clues to your whereabouts. Before long, you come upon some familiar stretch of road and you realize with relief that you are still on your planned course. But for that one moment, you were lost!

What would have happened if you had slammed on your brakes and turned around? You could have driven miles and miles backwards before you realized you had been on the right road all along. What if you dodged off the road onto a side road, looking for an alternate route and getting hopelessly lost in the process? You could spend hours driving hither and yon until you find someone to guide you right back to the road you were on in the first place. No, your best bet would have been to stay your course and ride it out through the panic of the moment when you weren’t sure if you were heading the right way.

This same panic often hits us in our walk with God. We can set off in a direction we believe to be God’s, and our mind can begin to wander towards other things. Suddenly, we look around at the path we are on and think, “Where am I? This doesn’t look right! I must be on the wrong road.” If we’re not careful, the enemy will use this moment of confusion to take us right off the course God has set for us. Some often turn around and head straight back to old, familiar things in order to try to find their bearings. Others suddenly veer off the road and get hopelessly entangled in distractions. They may find themselves lost in the things of the world, or they may even find themselves lost in some other doctrine, chasing after whatever the current whim is in the church world. Either way, they often spend weeks, months, and years on sideroads searching for their destination before they finally stop and ask the Holy Ghost for directions. Once they find the road on which they once were, these weary travelers often lose hope thinking of all the time wasted in their wanderings and give up completely on following after God’s plan for their lives.

Where are you? Are you travelling God’s planned course for your life or did you double back somewhere along the way? Or are you wandering some sidepath searching for yourself? Ask God to show you where you are in relation to where He wants you to be.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at some driving tips to keep us going safely in the direction God has planned for us. In the meantime, examine yourself.


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