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Driving Tips

How do you stay on course with God? It seems so easy to miss it. We look around at the Body of Christ and see people deserting their destiny on a regular basis… people on all levels from big time televangelists to friends on the pew next to us. Somehow, they got off course. Sometimes, we allow the failure of others to distract us or cause us to fear. After all, if “they” missed it, whose to say we won’t miss it??

images-3Well, let’s go back to our driving analogy from the other day. I realize that people run off the road pretty regularly, but just because “they” do, doesn’t mean I have to! There are certain precautions I can take to guarantee that  my vehicle will stay on the road and not end up in a ditch somewhere. Here are some driving tips that apply literally AND spiritually!

1. Keep your hands on the wheel. We don’t live in an age where cars can drive themselves. Even the most balanced of vehicles will end up going off the road when you take your hands off the wheel for long enough. YOU have been given the stewardship of your destiny. It is up to you – not God, not Jesus, not anyone else – to stay on the road. If you try to put your hands on something else and drive with your knees, you may have the allusion of being in control for a while, but in fact you are always one second away from a crash. Same thing with giving the wheel over to someone else for a while… you might have started that vehicle in a certain direction, but if you give control of your destiny to someone else, you’ll go where they want instead of where you planned.

2. Keep your eyes on the road in front of you. Don’t read the billboards, don’t birdwatch, don’t text on your phone, fiddle with your iPod, or spend all your time looking in the rearview mirror. Face it, there’s a lot to look at out there and what’s straight in front of us can become a little boring sometimes. Before you know it, you’ll be looking for interesting signs along the way or spending all your time looking up. Opportunities may “call” on you, taking your focus away from your task at hand. You may even get lost in daydreams of days gone by, but remember… you CANNOT drive forward while looking in your rearview mirror!

3. Stay on the road! We all zone out from time to time. When you “come to” yourself and your surroundings look unfamiliar, don’t panic! Too often, we become alarmed when we are unsure of where we are and we abort our mission. Just keep going until you get your bearings. If you turn around and try to go back, you’ll waste so much time!

4. Ask for directions! You know, sometimes we are genuinely lost. So often, we get hopelessly entangled because we don’t want to admit we’re lost or we don’t want to ask for help. Roads shift around, new exits and access ramps are built, old landmarks are torn down. Getting lost is not cause to give up on your destination when all you have to do is stop and ask for directions! There are always wise counselors who have more travel miles than we do from whom we can ask for suggestions. And, of course, you can always pray and trust Holy Ghost to lead and guide you in the right direction.


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