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GPS…Global Positioning Systems. They’re in your car; they’re used for everything from planting crops to facilitating precision army strikes. An awesome piece of technology revolutionizing the way we live our lives. However, GPS isn’t something new. God also has a system for tracking right where we are.

We use GPS to get from one destination to another as a form of navigation. However, that’s not really what the technology was designed for. It was designed to pinpoint exactly where you are. It uses three satellites and a receiver in your vehicle to triangulate your position. Your vehicle then integrates that information with mapping systems to navigate you to your destination.images-2

God’s Process of Success has four parts, too. Like the GPS in your car, He has 3 satellites and a receiver helping you discover where you are.

The receiver is your beacon. Inside of you, there is a spirit that is able to connect with “satellites” that help you discover your location. Often, we think that how we feel dictates where we should be. Instead, these inner “feelings” must align with the inner “knowings” that our spirit has. I often feel one way, but on the inside I “know” another. I may “feel” sick, yet my spirit “knows” I am healed. It’s our ability to hear these “knowings” that dictates whether we will ever determine our position.

The first satellite locates God. When our beacon is working, the first thing it must do is determine its relationship to God. If we can’t line up with where God is, then we are going to stay lost forever. This alignment with God doesn’t mean we are close to Him. It just means we know where we are in relation to Him. Many sinners know they are FAR FROM GOD, but at least they know where they are on their own GPS. I wonder how many Christians can really tell?

The second satellite locates people around you. The whole GPS system is based on relationship. Where is your beacon in relationship to the other beacons? By calculating the distance between these places, it becomes apparent where you are. Remember our maxim, “You can’t get where you’re going hanging around people who aren’t going the same direction.” Where are the people around you going? You’re probably headed in the same direction.

The final satellite tracks where you have already been. Just look at where you have been, and compare it against where you are. Our car’s GPS can tell us how many miles we’ve traveled since we started our trip. What about your spiritual journey? How far have you come from where you started?

No one of these four things alone can get you where you’re going. It takes all four parts to determine the position of the beacon of your spirit, so you can truly know exactly where you are in God’s Process of Success (GPS). So, where are you?

(First published 03.29.09)


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