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Signs for the Times

imagesStop or Yield?

It’s vacation season. The kids are out of school, and the salty sea breeze beckons you. You booked the perfect hotel. You got a great deal on some fun activities for the kiddies. You arranged your vacation time at work… and then suddenly… the kids get sick, the hotel is destroyed in some freak storm, your car needs new tires, your boss calls you in to tell you that vacation time is no longer being paid for, your wife suddenly develops one of those complexes and refuses to go on the beach when you get to the beach, the amusement park you picked out is on the front page of every regional paper with reports of E. Coli outbreaks, the entire state of Florida falls into the ocean… You get the picture.

Or maybe, on a more personal note, you have arrived at a crossroads in your life and you are wondering where to go.

Don’t you love it when your ideas and preconceptions get completely blown away, and you feel like you are starting all over? Nothing is more exciting and unsettling than being at a crossroads of decision. There is a great deal to be learned or lost here.

The decisions you and I are about to make will shape our lives from this day forward. I don’t mean to sound cliché. It may feel like you’ve heard this a thousand times, but we have to hear it now with fresh ears. These next few weeks and months are critical. We will either yield to Holy Ghost and allow God to reveal the next steps to us or we will quit.

It’s easy to quit…just stop moving. All you have to do is put on the brakes and you’ll stop. It’s simple really; just about anyone can do it. But even if you have to stop, you can’t just sit there at the intersection. You have to make another move after that.

images-1The challenge we all face is that we must yield. You don’t enter an intersection without some type of yield or stop so you can be ready for the next necessary maneuver. If you are going to yield, you have to gauge all of your surroundings. Is it time to slow, or can you keep moving at full speed? Do you have to stop temporarily till the time is right to launch out into the traffic? Do you need to slow down so that your yield doesn’t turn into a near-fatal crash?

Stop, yield, or go. What will you do? Whatever your move is to be, you are going to have to do something.

So, be ready. Brush up on your driving habits; re-read the study guide. Get acquainted with the changes in the rules of the road. Check your vehicle out. Do some preventative maintenance. God has a journey for all of us as we travel this next stretch of highway. Yield and move out into the intersection!

(First published 06.01.08)


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