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I Believe in Miracles

About a year ago, the son of one of our Celebration Team members had a terrible 4-wheeler accident. As you read this amazing account of God’s protection, you, too, will believe in MIRACLES!!! ~The C

A Miracle is something only God can do!!

I believe in miracles, and here is my proof…..

imagesWhen our 4-wheeler turned over on my 10 year-old son and the metal handlebar sliced right into him, the miracles began…..

♥    It was a miracle that my dad just happened to be working close by (he’s usually out-of-town on that day) saw the whole thing, pulled the 4-wheeler off of Seth, and brought him to us.  The handlebar had severed a major vein, one of the largest in the body, and had my son been alone he could have bled to death.

♥    It was a miracle that my dad, while traveling with a child who was bleeding profusely, thought to call ahead and warn us to be prepared to take him.

♥    It was a miracle that my husband immediately chose, without thinking, to jump in the car and drive him 10 miles to the closest hospital (outside our county), instead of calling 9-1-1 and waiting for an ambulance 12 miles away (inside our county) to come pick him up and take him to a hospital 28 miles away from us.

♥    It was a miracle that my 6 year-old son, who had witnessed the whole thing, went from one minute hollering that he didn’t want his brother to die, to the next minute praying for him instead of crying and even calmly helping us when we got to the E. R.

♥    It was a miracle that I, while in the backseat with my completely blood-soaked son and applying pressure to where I thought was the wounded area, had the thought (and the guts!) to remove his clothing and verify the wound location, only to see that I was applying pressure to the wrong area.  As he informed me that he could not feel his arms and legs anymore and couldn’t move them, we just continued to pray.

♥    It was a miracle that my husband, while driving over 90 miles per hour dodging around vehicles all the way, had the thought to call ahead and have someone warn the E. R. to be prepared for us.

♥    It was a miracle that our car, with almost no gas in it, made it to the hospital going 90 miles per hour.

♥    It was a miracle that his grandma, who lives literally across the road from the hospital, happened to be at home and met us at the E. R. to take our 6 year-old son.

♥    It was a miracle that my son did not cry on the way to the hospital and remained calm for over 2 hours before they ever gave him any pain medication!

♥    It was a miracle that the metal had went in right beside my son’s “male parts”, rather than ½” over and right through them.

♥    It was a miracle that the surgeon, upon visual inspection of the wound with no idea there was such severe damage inside, chose to take him to surgery to “explore” the area, rather than just stitch the outside up.  He even said himself afterwards, that he was glad he had made that decision.

♥    It was a miracle that after 2 hours of surgery, repairing tendons, muscles, the major vein, and investigating various other internal injuries, the first words out of the surgeon’s mouth to us were, “Your son is lucky (better known to us as ‘blessed’) to be alive!”

♥    It was a miracle that he also informed us that he wasn’t sure how they were able to keep the bleeding stopped with a pressure bandage for the unbelievable 5 hours it took them to move him into surgery, not knowing the damage was that severe at the time, of course.

♥    It was a miracle that the vein was cut and not the artery, which is literally intertwined with the vein, in which case we could not have stopped the bleeding by pressure and he would have died within less than 5 minutes time, not long enough for even the ambulance to get there.  (photos attached below for visual)

♥    It was a miracle that the hematoma on his spermatic cord was in the right place not to cause him to be sterile.

♥    It was a miracle that after having lost such a great amount of blood within 15 minutes following the accident and a substantial amount more during surgery, our son’s blood pressure, pulse, and white blood count stayed stable enough that he did not receive a blood transfusion!

♥    It is a miracle that God makes kids so resilient!!  My son’s nurse confirmed that with amazement!

♥    It was a miracle that, requiring a night in ICU, they chose to move him to an alternate solitary and peaceful location, where he was the only patient and had 2 nurses giving him full attention the entire night, and who accommodated us with beds to sleep in right beside him and anything else we needed.

♥    It was a miracle that his wound was 4-5 inches long, yet there was only a tiny hole in the shorts he was wearing when it happened, which surely lowered the risk of infection from the metal.

♥    It was a miracle (though it can’t be confirmed now) that they didn’t find the artery severed also, and yet I am told that by the way the blood was initially spurting out so profusely before we got him to the hospital and the very bright color that it was, it must have been an artery and not just a vein.  This unconfirmable miracle is called “the Great Physician at work”!!

♥    It was a miracle that his dad and I walked in total peace the entire 48 hours he was in the hospital!  Even I, who have always been extremely emotional, never cried once until it was all over and we were back home.

♥    It was a miracle that we are surrounded by people in our lives, who know how to use their God-given authority and pray faith-filled words, in our time of need!!!

Yes, I believe in miracles…..   MY SON IS ONE!!!!!

(The iliac vein was the one severed, which runs right beside the iliac artery, as you can see below.)
(First published 09.28.08)


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