Real Church. Real Life. Real Celebration.

Have you ever considered how to describe the Church of today? What characterizations could you give it? Over the next few days, we’ll look at a few different metaphors to describe the Church of America. Feel free to add your own experiences with churches like these. When we’re done, we’ll look at the image of the Church that God intended us to have. ~ The C

The escape artist: Today’s church reminds me of Harry Houdini. Instead of defeating the enemies in our houdinilives, we are busy looking for the Rapture. We’re not making a difference in our world, we’re just holding on until Jesus returns. Current studies indicate that alcoholism, divorce, and consumer debt are the same amongst Christians as amongst non-Christians. Much of today’s society considers Christianity irrelevant due to the lack of integrity characterizing the leadership of the church.  In a time when American’s strongest desire is to see change, the Church is not making an impact. We, like Houdini, have our hands tied behind our back, hoping to escape that final plunge into the trap of death below.  Our mantra: “Jesus, rescue us!”  The Bible says Jesus is coming back for a victorious church, not one trying to escape!


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