Real Church. Real Life. Real Celebration.

Recognize either of these?? ~The C

The Coffee Club: Aren’t we a little like a spiritual version of the popular television show, “Friends”? We 040421_friends_hmed_6p.hmediumcome together on the weekends to catch up on all the latest gossip, get advice, and pat each other on the back. Our focus in on seeing and being seen – on social relationships that give us our identity. We get a little shot of spiritual caffeine to hype us up for the week to come, and we leave feeling good about spending time in church. There’s nothing wrong with going to church with friends as long as friends are not the reason we go to church!

The maintenance man: Many churches are content to maintain the status quo.  We get lulled into the “maintenance mode” from time to time, becoming content to have the same 30, 100, or 400 church 690E5-odd-job-manmembers.  We become satisfied and don’t look for ways to continue to grow and keep gaining influence in our communities. If our churches aren’t growing, we’re losing ground. Look at the Church in the Book of Acts and how it grew and multiplied. How can Christian churches afford to maintain the status quo when other religions are increasing at an alarming rate?

These questions need to be answered if we’re going to effect any serious change in the way we present “church” to the world. What are your thoughts??


Comments on: "The Many Faces of the Modern Church, pt 2" (1)

  1. This article is right on.

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