Real Church. Real Life. Real Celebration.

nursinghome_homepage_2The Retirement Center: We need our elderly members to be examples to younger generations. Their wisdom and experience are priceless. However, if seniors are all you have in your church, their rich legacy will die with them instead of being handed off to another generation. The Church is meant to be a rich thriving family. Families need seniors, young people, kids, newlyweds, 30-somethings and everyone else. We need to remember that God isn’t looking for His church to be a spiritual nursing home. He wants an active family of all ages!

The Vegas Style Church: In Vegas, you can literally drive thru church to get married, buried, or christened. God didn’t intend for His church to be a convenient, drive by experience. You’ve heard the expression, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” So many churches are like that. What happens inside the church stays in the church, never getting outside to impact the community surrounding it. God designed His church to be an effective and active voice in the community, not a drive thru.
It is time for us to redefine the character of the Church. We need to break free from the Houdini plan and record over our reputation as a bad episode of “Friends.” It’s time to throw away the key ring of the maintenance man, and pump life into the Church, refusing to be the waiting room for Heaven. We need to let what happens inside our churches effect the world around our churches. Let’s shed the old characterizations of an ineffective religious church and become the vibrant, powerful, and victorious Bride of Christ!


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