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hondurasDear Friends,

Please take a moment to read this post.  What you are hearing on the news may not be at all what is happening in Honduras.

First of all there was no military coup as was reported.  The ex president of Honduras, Mel Zelaya, was taken out of Honduras to Costa Rica.  The Honduran military did take him at the request of the duly elected Congress of Honduras acting in conjunction with the supreme court of this country as well.  What was done was legal and stopped this country from becoming a dictatorship. There will be an election in November to decide the new President.  As for now the interium President was sworn in last night.

The military are not in charge here. There are not soldiers on every block.  To my knowledge there has been no riots, looting or even demonstrations in the streets. The country is calm and not in chaos as the news is reporting.  I just came from a 2 hour meeting with the city Mayor concerning breakins and there was absolutely no mention of any crisis in this country.

I have been here over 13 years and have several contacts in the military and other leadership positions that have assured me that this was done in order according to the Honduran constitution.  The church in Honduras has been praying for a solution to the way that the ex president was leading the country.  We believe that this was the solution. His desire was not another term, but a life long term.  He was trying to change the constitution to make that possible.  He tried once before the right way and it was voted down.  So, he was trying again with the help of his friend Hugo Chavez who sent him the ballots!!  Those ballots were confiscated in his residence where they should never have been.

The Congress, the military, supreme court and even members of his own party and cabinet stopped the ex-president from taking over the country.  Please pray that the international community will give Honduras time to prove what they did was the correct course of action!

The ex-president had forced the resignation of the vice president some time back.  He has, this week, fired the leading General of the Armed Forces of Honduras for not following him in the referendium.  The supreme court reinstated the General the same day, because the firing was illegal.  Those are just a couple of things that the ex-president has done to try and force himself into a position of permanent president.  Approximately 80 to 90 percent of the population dissagreed with the ex-president and wanted him out of office.  Very few people have complained that he was taken from that office.

I am truly ashamed of our President Obama for condemning this action and not condemning Iran!!  There were no shots fired in this move.  There are no  people being beaten in the streets.  No one has died from this operation.  Our only fear is that Hugo Chavez will come in with his military to try and put the ex-president back in office. That cannot be allowed to happen here.  I pray that Pres. Obama will look at the situation as it really is and prevent any ivasion of Honduras by any other country.

Yesterday Yesi, the boys and I worked in our yard most of the day.  I preached in San Pedro Sula, drove around town to deliver a part and returned here to Sigua., a 2 hour drive down the main highway of Honduras and part of the Central American Highway, and I saw nothing, but the same peacable Honduras that I have known for the past 13 years.  I saw one truck of soldiers headed into San Pedro as I drove out.  I have seen many more than that driveing down the roads in Alabama.

I do ask you to pray for God’s healing in this country and the a godly leader would be elected in November.  Also, that Venezuela and other countries will stay out of this situation and give Honduras time to put things back in place.

We, my family and I, are safe and happy to be here in Honduras.  We feel safe and encouraged by what we are hearing on the local news.  The boys are out of school for the summer and enjoying spending time at home.

Again, most of the country sees this as a good thing for Honduras.  As of right now there have been no mass protest of this action.  A few supporters have come out, but as far as we can see Honduras is at peace, not in chaos!!

In His Grace,



Comments on: "The Truth on the streets in Honduras" (1)

  1. weehours said:

    Hi John,

    Thanks for the your excellent report. Grassroots support is rising here in the US for our good ally, Honduras.



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