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Child-like Faith

Recently, I was praying about some things in my life and family. I really needed to hear from God, when He reminded me about something that impacted my walk of faith.IceCreamCone

When our daughter was a little girl, we would make a special event for her birthday. We would ask her about a month before her big day, “What would you like for your birthday?” Then, like most parents, we would try to make that happen for her (within reason, of course!).

Well, my daughter loves homemade ice cream. She never doubted in her heart that she would receive that ice cream for her birthday party. By faith in her dad, she could already see her party! She knew I would not let her down, and that I would do all that was within my power to fulfill her request. When her birthday came around, it turned out that she received the very things that she had asked for.

The Lord reminded me about making the ice cream. I heard Him speak to me, saying, “You see, my son, just like your daughter is your child, you are my child. She asked in advance for things she desired and you heard what she said. Well, I hear everything also. I hear everything that you ask and pray for. And just as you are her father, I am your Father. Even though you may think I don’t hear, I do. You have to wait on my timing, but by faith you will receive. Do not doubt or waver in your heart, but have the faith in Me that your daughter had in you.”

This was a Rhema word from God to me. I can trust that He hears and answers my prayers. All I need is that child-like faith!

(First published 01.13.08)


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