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The Goldfish Pond

suzanna-mah-fong-two-koiGoldfish are beautiful, aren’t they? They’re so colorful, graceful, hardy…and small. Or are they? The largest goldfish measured was close to 19” long. The Japanese Koi, another variety of domesticated goldfish, can grow to over three feet in length. Now, those are some BIG goldfish! Much bigger than the tiny ones we think of swimming in the bowl on our child’s bedroom dresser.

So, how do they get so big? It’s simple…they have room enough to grow. A tiny goldfish taken from a small bowl will grow larger and larger, using the full capacity of the new tank it is moved to. Given a large, deep pond, a Koi can grow to be enormous…almost unrecognizable from it’s pet store counterparts.

We are like those fish. We have kept ourselves small with the fishbowl mindsets of ages past. As long as we see ourselves as being contained, we will not grow. But it’s a new season, and we are seeing with fresh eyes. We are no longer contained by the small, religious mindset of the past. We’ve been released into a large, deep, fresh body of living water! As we grow to fit our newly found freedom, we will become unrecognizable to those who are looking for us in the old, little bowl. In this place, we can grow and stretch, using the full measure of grace and faith given to occupy our territory!

(First published 04.27.08)


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