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Mountaineers Wanted!

The Kingdom of God –  Classified Ads

The Kingdom is looking for volunteers to climb the following cultural mountains:

1.    Arts and Entertainmentmountain_climbing
2.    Business
3.    Education
4.    Family
5.    Government
6.    Media
7.    Religion

Who: YOU!
What: Mountain Climbing
Where: On the mountain or mountains God has on your path
When: Now through the reestablishment of God’s Kingdom on the Earth
Why: Jesus’ return depends upon it!
How: With the following Essential Equipment:

  1. Food (Tongues For Edification) –You’ll need to be built up and strong, ready for any obstacle in your climb.
  2. Clothing (Armor Of God-Ephesians 6:10-18, Gifts Of The Spirit) –The terrain is unpredictable! The right clothes will protect you from the elements.
  3. Route Map (God’s Word) — Storms at higher elevations can blind you. Better have the map to show you the way.
  4. Flashlight (Gospel Of Salvation Through Jesus Christ) –Never climb through the darkness without this! You may need to rescue someone along the way.
  5. Plan (God’s Revelation For YOUR Destiny) –You must develop each step of the path up to the top.  Eat often (see step 1 above).  Where is your starting point? Where are your stops for rest? Is there a shelter there? What is the best way to get over the crevasses and steep places you are going to encounter? Gather helpful data from those who have already been where you want to go (Don’t think you can find this out alone!).  God intends for you to climb higher than they did, and for those that come after you to climb higher still!
  6. Radios And/Or Cell Phones (Relationships) –Rescue operations that originate from the base camp are available should you get off the path or find yourself overtaken by the hazards at higher elevations. Check in regularly for weather updates and any necessary changes in your ascent to the summit.
  7. Camera And Video Equipment (Testimonies) –You are going higher than any one has gone before. The view from the peak is closer to the way things truly are, so document the truth as you climb. This will aid your ability to encourage others who need to climb the mountain after you. It will also give you something to remember as you continue to climb upward.
  8. First Aid Kit (Praise And Worship) –Bumps and bruises are part of the journey. Lack of oxygen can cloud your ability to make proper judgments.  Fatigue is a real enemy. Don’t grow weary! Breathe the presence of God.

Helpful Tips:

  1. You may see signs of those who have attempted to climb the mountain before you. Learn from their mistakes. Some went alone. Some went unprepared, either physically or mentally.
  2. Exercise regularly at base camp (church, home, work, school, marketplace) to help you acclimate to the different conditions. In this way, you condition your body and mind for the lack of oxygen.

Things To Keep In Mind:

  1. Barriers to your journey are extreme cold, falls, avalanches, inclement weather, equipment failure, weak members within your team, and fatigue. Consider and plan for these, but only say things that will help you see yourself climbing ever upward, never alone. By this, you avoid some obstacles and conquer every challenge.
  2. Each summit only reveals your next mountain or level. There’s always more ground to take. Your mountaintop is really a step to a higher place. You will see more clearly once you get up there.
  3. The highest mountain in the world today that has yet to be climbed is in Tibet. You would be wrong to assume that it is because it’s terrain or climate makes it too dangerous. It hasn’t been climbed because, according to local custom, it is a sacred home to protective spirits, and because rescue operations are not feasible. Think outside the box to develop a plan to climb mountains others refuse to attempt.
  4. Age is not a factor. People as young as 15 and as old as 76 have been to the summit of Mt. Everest, the highest point on the Earth. It is NEVER too late to pursue God’s plan for your life!
  5. At least one man made the climb up Everest without the aid of supplemental oxygen! Don’t let others who walk in fear or have a limited vision keep you from attempting the climb.

(First published 08.31.08)


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