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Imagine a piece of play-dough. Think of how you shape it by mashing and rolling, twisting and pinching, dobbing and grinding on the soft dough. You can shape all kinds of things from play-dough. Now, imagine yourself as that piece of play-dough.  Your soul is shaped by many different areas. Your nature, environment, what you have been taught, your relationships, and your experiences all mold you into what you are. They are “soul molders,” or “mind molders.”

As we have looked at the Seven Mountains of the Kingdom, we have identified only with the peaks of the mountains. For example, we talk about the Mountain of Business & Finance, but Business & Finance doesn’t directly shape or mold all of us (especially not as kids). So what are we actually talking about in each of these mountains? Let’s take a look at the seven mind molders.

1.    Church (Individual) – The bible says that we are the church. That means each one of us, individually, is the temple of the most-high God. This is our “nature” level. If we have the “nature” of God then our spirit begins to mold our soul into the shape of “God.” If we are not born again, then our spirit will mold our soul to be like the old, un-renewed nature.

2.    Family – When you hear family, your first thoughts are probably of your parents. However, Family is more than just your “blood kin.” What about the local family that God has adopted you into? Many of us are much more influential in each other’s lives than our parents. For many of you, you have had to walk away from the ideas and traditions of your natural family and are now influenced and shaped by the “family” you have here at Gateway. In this mountain, it is the close personal “familial” relationships that we have in our life that shape and mold us.

3.    Government – Of course, your thoughts run immediately to politics: local offices, boards, law enforcement.  But where does that leave people (like teens) who aren’t able to participate in those areas?  Does that mean that they can’t mold people’s minds using government? Once again, we are seeing the limited scope of the top of the mountain and missing the molding principle that lies beneath. In a deeper sense, this mind molder is learning to relate with people on a broad spectrum within a system of “government.” For example, there is a system of authority at your workplace, and you have to know the way decisions are made and executed within your workplace. Your children are affected by the “government” (system of authority) at their schools in both the procedural structure of the school and the social structure of interaction amongst students and teachers.

We’ll look at some more tomorrow! In the meantime, think about how each of these three “mountains” have shaped you. Now ask yourself what you are doing to shape and change them!!!


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