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Let’s finish up our “RETHINK” on how culture shapes us and what we can do to shape the culture around us. ~The CSevenMoutainsReleases

4.  EducationBet you thought “schools.” While schools can educate us, they don’t always shape us. Simply knowing the fact that 2+2=4 does not shape me, knowing why 2+2=4 will shape me. Education is about the systems of learning that shape us, not merely about knowledge gained. How can you help your child to discover a new system of learning every day? Maybe it’s simply reading to them. Maybe it is using active parenting to help them learn to weigh decisions. At any rate, this mountain is about changing the way we learn… not just what we learn.

5.  Media/Technology – You probably thought movies, newspapers, television, computers, the Internet. While all of these certainly fall under the heading of media, Media is simply the thing that we communicate through. The room you are standing in right now can be your medium. Everything in that room shapes how you communicate. Maybe the television is on and causes you to speak louder, maybe the baby is asleep and it makes you speak quietly. Either way, the medium itself shapes how you communicate. That medium also dictates the technology (the tools) that we have to use to communicate. Some of those tools are as simple as raising our voice, using non-verbal signals, or knowing how to use active listening. Knowing how to use the Adam Process to navigate through your medium is also part of communication.

6.  Arts/Celebration – Our limited thinking takes us to music and art. While these can certainly be celebrations, they are very limited. Celebration is being proud of the fact that you have accomplished something.  Think of it this way; if you have just used your faith and seen it work to pay off a bill, the celebration for you may be turning in a praise report card to tell how good God is. Sometimes the celebration is telling your kids how special they are to you. What we celebrate, we attract. And what we don’t celebrate, we will eventually lose.

7.  Occupation – We have thought of this one as business and finance. While those two do shape some things, they are not the mind molder. The mind molder is in what we occupy. Let’s think about it again in terms of faith. What is it that you are doing that is giving you an opportunity to occupy faith? To practice the ins and outs of it, to actually have a need for it? It is this occupation level that motivates us to use the other six molders. When we feel like what we are doing matters, then we will put a demand on the other six mountains to change us.

Ultimately, these seven mind molders affect us everyday whether we are aware of them or not. They shape our minds, dictate our actions, and guide our future. If we can become aware of these and discover how to use them and align them together, then we can see significant change in ourselves and in those around us. Using these seven, we can turn our world upside down!


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