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People react differently to momentum. When vision is cast, what kind of person are you?images

1.    Refreshersthey inspire the dream. They are refreshed to hear there’s something new in the air and a new way to go. They bring energy, enthusiasm, and excitement to help others run with the vision.
2.    Refiners – they clarify the vision. They sharpen and refine the ideas, bringing the goal more clearly into focus.
3.    Reflectors – they are neutral. They neither create new energy, nor detract from the energy of the momentum. Giving no additional supply of their own, they simply say, “Whatever you say, I’ll do.”
4.    Reducers – they try to make the vision fit their comfort level. Beware of these; they will make the vision smaller so that they don’t have to change or grow in order to participate.
5.    Rejecters – they will not buy into the vision or dream. Often, these are the ones who will leave.


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