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Trade ya!

“Trade ya!” shouts one boy, holding out his cup of carrots, hungrily eyeing his neighbor’s fudge brownie. Remarkably, the swap is made… one boy with two brownies, the other munching away on an extra handful of carrots. Doesn’t really seem like an even trade, but it happens every single day at the lunch table of schools everywhere!bartering-1

As an elementary teacher, I’ve noticed that some kids are better at trading than others. There are certain kids who manage to trade the dirtiest, worn out Matchbox car for the newer remote controlled one…or the plastic watch from a cereal box for a real metal one. And there’s always one kid at the table with five or six pieces of cake piled high, while his neighbors’ plates hold his rejected pieces of meatloaf. I’ve often asked the child who I felt got the raw end of the deal, “Why did you trade for that?” The response is usually always the same; “”Cause he wanted mine, so I just took his.”

Hardly seems fair, right?

Imagine us, going through life laden with fear, worry, depression, financial problems, health problems, sin problems….We’re walking along, dirty and down, when we run up on Jesus. He has it all! Life, peace, love, joy, health, prosperity, wisdom, the favor of God, righteousness… What we wouldn’t give to have what He has!!!

“Trade ya!” we say, holding out our heavy load, hopefully reaching for his light one. And remarkably, the swap is made:  His health for all our disease, His peace for our worry, His faith for our doubt, His spotlessness for our sin, His life for all our death.

Hardly seems fair, right? To have all the promises of God piled on us like extra helpings of cake when we didn’t deserve them at all? Jesus didn’t have to make this exchange. Yet, if His Father asks Him, “Why did You trade for that?” Jesus’ response will always be, “Because they wanted what was mine, so I took what was theirs.”

“He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him” (2 Corinthians 5:21).


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