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The Writing on the Wall

imagesIf you were invited to my house, and spent some time in any of the rooms, you would see small papers filled with words of life and hope taped to the walls. You would see things in my office written by the “email forwarders”. You know who you are! If you went to my bathroom you would see a Valentines Day note to my wife. Yes, it’s from me! On the door you would find a paper filled with personal confessions. That same list is copied and posted on the towel closet in my son’s bathroom. Some have been in the same place for long enough that, upon close inspection, a few small dusty particles collect on the curly places the tape no longer sticks to.

I am so used to those papers being there I no longer “see” them, and therefore I don’t read them any more. Isn’t that ironic? Just having confessions on my wall won’t cause a bit of change in me. I have to see the words, then say them: see them, and then say them, if I want to affect a change in my mind, will, and emotions. Some of the confessions are very hard for me to grab on to. But I have been taught that if I say it long enough I will begin to believe it. Perhaps I will retype those curly dusty pages and put them on another wall. The truth written there is still the truth. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! He has bore my sicknesses and cured all my diseases!

In February of 2006 my family and I sat around eating breakfast at the kitchen bar.  That morning we had been dealing with selfishness and were looking for an opportunity to teach the value of preferring others. My wife asked if we might each contribute by writing a family confession. It was her idea, so she quickly offered; “We are servants and prefer others over ourselves.” They all cheered! What an inspiring thing to say! No, our oldest child moved on with creative gusto and a desire to change the subject! “We are multi-billionaires and we will give millions to the kingdom.” The middle boy said, “We walk in faith, and don’t believe the lies of the devil.”  I said, “We walk in health, and carry healing wherever we go.”  Then last but never least, our youngest son offered the dish that held our casserole together, “We are a blessing that others can see!”

We posted these confessions on the refrigerator, so we can see them every blessed, bright morning and as we gather to eat or talk after the busy afternoon wanes to evening. My wife or I will say, “”Let’s do our confessions guys”. And each of us will offer one up between the spilled milk and falling barstools. They are cement-like and solid as a rock for us and if the dust has settled on the edges of the paper it’s o.k. The words live in us and we can make another one if our son folds it into a paper airplane. We know them by heart. They exist for the sake of fulfilling kingdom purpose in our realm of influence. Interestingly, each one of these focuses on us AND those around us. I love that. Walls display these confessions for us so the walls in our territory can be torn down. What does God want to say through you? What’s on your wall?

(First published 04.06.08)


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