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Crossing Over

W11-2aDo you have the ability to hear and obey? Do you have the ability to move in some fashion or form? If you answered yes to these two questions, then you are a candidate for crossing over. If you answered no to either question but truly want to cross over, then you are also a candidate! I believe Nike coined the phrase Just Do It; so do it! Hear, obey and give action to it. How? I am so glad you asked.

How do we hear? We hear by actively listening to and engaging with those around us. We hear by submerging ourselves in the Word of God and speaking it day and night. We hear by the Spirit of God speaking to our spirit through praying in the Holy Ghost. We hear by submitting ourselves to spiritual oversight and heeding their instruction. We hear by the grace of God that has given us the ability to hear the truth.

When we truly hear the Word of God, we obtain faith to do what God is speaking to us. The Word of God says faith without corresponding actions is dead, so we must have actions to go with our faith.

We have crossed over into the land of more than enough. It’s already been done. Hear with your ears what the Spirit is saying to the Church: We have crossed over to the promised land. It is time to speak the Word of God over our lives and act on the promptings of the Spirit. It is time to walk by faith and not by sight. It is time to give action to our faith.

Yes, there are giants and walled cities in the land, but don’t look around to see what the circumstances say! Remember, it’s already been done! You are a giant killer! You are more than a conqueror! God has given us the cities and made our enemies our footstool! It is a season of choice and faith. Choose to follow. Choose to hear the Lord. Choose to submit and obey. Choose to walk by faith.

(First published 09.14.08)


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