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BreakthroughFor until this day,
no man has been able to plunge the depth
of all that I desire to do
and all that I desire to be within My Church.
For if you would just allow My Spirit,
to give Him place,
then He, He brings My Mind,
He carries My Mind,
He carries My Will,
He carries My Purpose.

If you yield yourself unto Him, He will surely show you the way.
For there will not be a time and there’ll not be a day
when you would have to stand around and say
that I don’t know which way to go
and I don’t know what to do
because you see, I given you My Spirit that He may see you through
because He knows the end from the beginning.
He was there when I declared it to be
so that my children could walk in this wonderful high place with Me.

For I’ve called you not just to dwell where many have dwelt before
Or even in that place that you’ve walked when you thought you walked behind
Don’t you know that I’ve called you to walk in a place in Me divine?
Why have you limited Me?
Why would you ever think I am short
of bringing you unto all that I have for you
Knowing that I am not a God of that sort?

So, think not in your heart, “We have arrived,”
because I’m here to tell you that you haven’t seen anything yet!
For in the day that I’ve called you to
and with the purpose that I’ve put in your heart, don’t you see,
it will take all, all, all that you can have of Me
to see this work complete, to see it done to the end, for you see,
I’ll have those people and you get to choose from within.

For it’s because you’re afraid of what man might say
that you’ve stood back and you’ve quenched My Spirit, even unto this day.
But, I would liberate you this night.
I would set you free that you might
begin to flow in My Spirit don’t you see?
So, tonight is a breakthrough night.
No wonder the enemy came so strong.
And he tried to beat you up in your mind
and tell you that you were wrong.
But, I am the Spirit of Truth and I have come to abide
and I have come to let you know that I am right here by your side.
And that’s a matter of speaking I know you understand
because I’ve called you this day to be my people
and to establish My Covenant in your land.

~End Part 1

(Prophetic word given May 31, 2009 by Apostle David Coker to Gateway Believers Fellowship)

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