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Wrestling with God

wrestlers“In the left corner, standing at a height of 6’ 5”, weighing 244 lbs., the undefeated champion….It’s GOD!!”

The crowd roars approval for their hero, and then quiets once more for the announcer to continue.

“In the opposite corner, standing at a height of 6’ 2”, weighing 175 lbs., the challenger, the thief, the scoundrel….Jacob!”

As the challenger lifts his hands into the air, he is met with the applause of four people.

“Let the match BEGIN!”


Now this isn’t ACTUALLY how Jacob wrestled with God, but this is how it might look had they brawled in modern day. But why did they wrestle?

Jacob, the thief, had stolen Esau’s birthright from him, which was the same blessing God had given to Abraham. Now, I imagine that immediately after he stole it he felt pretty good about himself. However, after a while, he began to wonder if he deserved the blessing. Before he knew it, he began to wrestle with himself over whether or not he deserved it. He soon became desperate to get something he already had. When he saw God one night, he was determined to GET HIS BLESSING. As Jacob wrestled with God, he struggled to hold on, a task made more difficult when God punched him in the leg and disjointed it forever. Finally, God said “Let me go, for it is nearly dawn.” The struggling, breathless Jacob replied, “I will not let go until you bless me.” God told him his name was now Israel, meaning “God Contender”, or “One who contends with God”.

It’s easy to think that God gave Jacob a new blessing, right? When God changed Jacob’s name to Israel, He did not give him another blessing. Instead, Jacob became self-confident enough to walk in the blessing he already had!

So, what about you? Are you walking in the blessing you already have?

(First published 08.09.09)


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  1. Abiding in Grace said:

    We very much like your post….This is so much the truth in all of us.

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