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Plastic-Playhouse-YY-12500-Everyone has heard the statement, “Don’t just talk the talk, but walk the walk.” I, personally, have always lived by this motto. But walking the faith walk is just as much about talking as it is walking! God knows my needs, but He also commands us to “ask” and then “it will be given unto you.” “Knock” and THEN “the door shall open.” I often forget to ask God for what I need and/or want.

For example, ever since we bought our house over two years ago, I have desired a wood dinning room table with black chairs to match my kitchen. I found a dining room set that I really liked, and talked to my husband about it, then we talked to God about it. Although, we had the ability to get financing, we didn’t have the peace! So, we decided to wait. While I didn’t start confessing about a dining room set specifically, I pray and confess every day that all our needs are met. I am learning that God always provides. In fact, He has ALREADY provided, but how it happens is not always what we have in mind.

A few weeks ago, my neighbor had a yard sale. I decided to go over and introduce myself and take a look at what she was selling. She had a beautiful dining room set that was reasonably priced, but still not within our budget. I told her that I would talk to my husband and maybe, in a few weeks, come back and buy the table and chairs. Then, just last week, my neighbor came knocking on my door, saying that she and her husband would like to give us the dining room set! A beautiful hardwood table with six nice chairs that could easily be painted black!

Walking in faith is as much about what you don’t say as what you do say. Christmas is right around the corner and we have already started budgeting for presents for our daughter. I have NOT been saying that I am dreading it. I have NOT been saying that we will not be able to buy her all the toys I want her to have. I have NOT been saying that it is not in the budget. What I have been saying is that God has provided. I have been saying that I am looking forward to spending time with my family and friends and putting up our beautiful Christmas tree. Once I began to confess the right things, God’s provision began to show up!

The first item on our list for our daughter was a plastic playhouse. Last week, some of our best friends purchased a new house and told us that the previous owners left a pretty plastic playhouse that they wanted to give us! They are even going to pressure wash it, store it, and deliver it at Christmas time!

I am learning that faith works in the small things and the big things. Faith works in the seemingly unimportant things and the pressing and urgent issues in life. Faith is an action. Faith is a confession. Faith is a journey not a destination. Faith is a choice made everyday. And for me, faith is my life.

(First published 09.06.09)

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