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Give me my blessing! (part 1)

cupped-handsHow many times have you heard this in Christian circles? There are many, many, many, many songs about it – “Don’t stop, get your blessing!” But have you ever asked, “What does that mean? What are we singing about? Why am I shouting at God?” Seriously, do we really believe that God is withholding our blessing until we’ve completed some grand task, or achieved some great level of spirituality, or whipped ourselves into some music-induced frenzy? If you are Christ’s, then you are blessed. Period. The Blessing is the power of God, or an even better way of saying it, the empowerment of God, and it’s the Birthright (won through Christ’s sacrifice) that gives us access to the Blessing.

Look at the word Birthright. It’s the Right of Birth. It’s the right, privilege, or entitlement a person has simply because of his parents. I am my mother’s daughter. I have a key to her home. I can walk in anytime day or night, eat her food, watch her TV, or sleep in her bed. I have full access to whatever she has. That’s not the blessing that she bestows upon me, that’s my birthright. The only other person on the planet who has the same access that I have to her stuff is my brother. You see, he and I are joint heirs together of my mom’s kingdom.

Yeah, yeah, I know all that – now gimme my Blessing!

Hold your horses, you little “bless me” Christian! Do you even know what you’re asking for? Have you ever even considered, “What IS the Blessing of God? What does it mean to be “Blessed”? Think about it; would you even know if you got the blessing you were asking for?



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