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Strongholds, pt. 3

castleQ: How were strongholds breached?

A: Tearing down a stronghold was no easy task. Many strongholds from the ancient world still stand today, their walls slowly crumbling. It was nearly impossible to get through the walls, so conquering armies had to find another way. They might try to get in through the gate using a battering ram and slamming it repeatedly against the gate in an attempt to break it down. They also might try using ladders or a siege tower to scale the walls. Undermining, also called “sapping”, is a method in which soldiers or workers would dig under the walls enough to weaken and eventually collapse them. Many times, an attacking force would use deception to overtake a stronghold. They might send a spy in some sort of disguise to slip into a stronghold. Under cover of darkness, the spy would open the gates, allowing the army to flood through. Another method of infiltration was having soldiers climb over the walls. They would dress in dark clothes and go at night, silently slipping over the wall and to the gate.  Once controlled, a stronghold may conform to the desires of the one controlling it.

Q: So, it sounds like a stronghold could be a good thing…depending on who is controlling it.

A: Yes, holding strongholds meant you had a strong foothold into the kingdom. So, depending on which kingdom the stronghold is serving, it could be a good thing. Remember, strongholds were to be respected, not only by the enemies but by the members of the country as well. When enemy kingdoms or organized groups came into the land, they wanted to capture the strongholds there because they gave them authority in the kingdom. To defend a stronghold meant to hold your place in the kingdom. Losing a stronghold meant losing bits of the kingdom.

The C: There is a lot to meditate here about the design and purpose of strongholds. Think about the fortresses your flesh has built to withstand the purpose of God for your life. Allow the forces of your spirit to infiltrate and overtake these strongholds, turning them into seats of authority for the Kingdom of God!


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