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The Power of Confession

dodge.avenger.340The first time I tried believing for something specific was in the fall of 1996. We were holding church services at a local elementary school while the new sanctuary was being built and my pastor was preaching a series about how to apply faith in your life. At that time in my life, I was broke – and I mean b-r-o-k-e. Forget about having enough faith to stay a month behind on my bills; I was 6 months behind. Somewhere in that teaching, faith came to me. I realized that I really could have whatever I said if only I believed.

I’m a “leap before you look” sort of person, so it never occurred to me to try my faith out on something small first.  I just jumped in with both feet expecting God to come through. I needed a job, but I couldn’t get a job because I didn’t have a way to get to work. So, I decided to use my faith for a car. Every chance I had to give an offering, I would put in what little money I had and make this confession: “Lord, this offering is seed for my car. Thank You for making a way and supplying my need.”

After three Sundays of putting in my little offerings and confessing that God would supply my need, I miraculously received $300 dollars. I was ecstatic! God had heard me! While I knew the money was in response to my faith, it wasn’t enough to meet any of my needs, so I wasn’t really sure what I was supposed to do with it.

The very next Sunday, our associate pastor taught about how God supplies the seed to be sowed, but that many people eat the seed instead of sowing it, and that’s why they never receive their harvest. Hallelujah! If you listen, God will always provide the answer! When it was time to give the offering, I put in the whole $300! This time, my confession was, “Lord, thank You so much for supplying the kind of seed that I needed to sow for the kind of harvest I’m asking for. I receive my car and thank You now for it because it’s already done!”

I woke up Monday morning and said, “Thank You God for my car!” and went about my day. I woke up Tuesday morning and said, “Thank You God for my car!” and went about my day. I woke up Wednesday morning and said, “Thank You God – hurry up with that car!” and went about my day. That afternoon, I got a call from my mom saying that she had just bought a new car, and instead of trading her old one in, she decided to give it to me. She would be there within the hour to sign over the title.

When she showed up, she seemed as confused as I was as to why she was giving me this car. First off, I hadn’t told anyone that I was believing God for a car. I wanted to be sure it was God when it happened. Second, she hadn’t even been thinking about getting another car until the idea just “popped in her head” on Sunday. And third, she had always traded in her old car when getting a new one. The only explanation she could give me was, “The idea just came to me, and it seemed right, so here you go.”

Since that time, I’ve used my faith for a lot of things: financial, physical and emotional. And I can testify that God has never once let me down. I’ve walked in faith. I’ve walked in hope. And I’ve walked in fearful trust in God’s Word. The same faith is required when I believe for something that I can’t yet see. Every time that I need a healing, or have a financial need, or need a relationship healed, I have to use that same faith.

Hebrews 10:23 tells us to hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering for He is faithful that promised. If our confession wasn’t an easy thing to lose our grip on, there would be no need to warn us to hold so tight to it! So, my confession right now is that everyone who reads The Celebration today will have an increase in their faith that confession does work, and that each and every one of us will take up the challenge to be aware and purposeful in everything that we say!

(First published 08.30.09)


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