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God is speaking… can you hear Him? If you’re having a hard time knowing what He is saying, check yourself in these 5 areas. One or more of them might be keeping you from hearing the voice of the Lord speaking to you today!

1.    Religion – Religious tradition and thinking puts God in a box and expects Him to speak in the same way every time. Think about this: God only spoke to Moses through a burning bush one time. The next time He spoke with Moses, He spoke in a different way. What would have happened if Moses said, “Well, I know God only speaks through bushes, so this can’t be God.” He would have camped out around that one bush waiting to hear from God again and would have completely missed his assignment. Religion and religious traditions can hinder you from hearing what God is speaking today because they are focused on what God said yesterday.

2.    Pride – We’re so given to thinking of ourselves higher than we ought to think. We often think we already have the answer or know the direction, so we don’t even bother listening for God. Knowledge puffs up, and if you’re swelled with pride, you won’t hear God speaking to you.

3.    Offense – Hurt, wounds, and unforgiveness can cause you to hear incorrectly. We often miss the voice of God because the voice of our own suffering is so much louder. Our spiritual ears open when we receive healing for emotional wounds and repent of holding offense.

4.    Cannot rightly divide the Word of Truth – If you don’t know what kinds of things God says, it’s hard to know when you hear Him speak. We are often hindered from hearing God simply because we don’t know what The Word says or because we don’t know how to rightly judge the Word. If you do not spend time in God’s Word, you will have a hard time hearing His voice.

5.    Receiving the wrong thing – Romans 8:16 says the Spirit bears witness with our spirit. So many times, we “hear” something and say it’s God before we pray about it to see if it really is. In other words, we receive before we pray. The enemy can bear witness with your soul, so you need to be able to discern between spirit and soul to know if what you are hearing is from God or from the devil. Imagine that…you just might have to PRAY about it!


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