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Mr. Hook is my brown, wooden cane I purchased about ten years ago. It was like yesterday when I saw him. I was slowly ambling through the store looking for the accessories aisle when I almost fell tripping over a display of ties and men’s boxers. Once I regained my composure, I looked up and there he was. Smiling and waving at me. It was love at our first “step”.

I was only 16 years old but in serious need of a cane. My back problems had begun when I was 11 years old. I remember my first doctor’s visit when my mother took me to our physician who concluded that my body was preparing me for “womanhood.” That marked the first of consistent, throbbing back spasms that would haunt me for the next 5 years of my life.

Sometimes the pain was manageable. In fact, I was able to play sports, including going to the State Track and Field Championship for 4×100 my freshman year of high school. Every year, things changed around me: I was better in sports, my academics were soaring at the top of my class and life was being lived one day at time. The only thing that stayed the same was the nagging back spasms, and each day, month and year the pain progressed. By the time I reached the end of my sophomore year, I was in a back brace hobbling along with Mr. Hook, my old trusty cane.

I knew there were physical issues with my back which were confirmed when Dave Roberson visited our church and prayed for me. He called me out from the crowd. Mr. Hook and I both trembled as we slowly made our way to the center aisle. I remember Brother Roberson saying that my back was in pretty bad shape. I had never experienced a “laying on of hands” healing, so I was quite skeptical. Despite it all, I believed in God’s Word and believed it applied to me. Mr. Hook was thrown to the side as Brother Roberson lifted my arms above my head and I could feel healing heat running down my spine. Others reported that my hands, differing from a height of a few inches, were pulled to the same height and I was supernaturally healed in my body! Praise God! Mr. Hook was going to take his rightful place in the corner of my closet!

There was just one problem after that; Mr. Hook didn’t go away. My back was still hurting. The pain was still there and increasing as usual. I remember saying to Mr. Hook that I believed my back was healed, but there was something else going on. I struggled with this for the weeks following until I was completely torn and weary.

Did I not have the right kind of faith? If God healed everybody else, why couldn’t he heal me?

One night, Apostle David taught on deliverance for individuals who were downtrodden and needed grace. Once again, Mr. Hook and I made our way up the aisle to the front where I waited desperately for God to intervene and tell what I did wrong to deserve such torment.

As I stood there, one of the leaders in my church came up behind me and said that she had a word from the Lord to me. In summary, He said that my back pains were the manifestation of the emotional problems I had hoarded and never released. I was literally carrying years of abuse, neglect, rejection and insecurity and it was manifesting in back pain. I broke that night and cried, snotted and wailed for what seemed like hours. Nevertheless, I received true breakthrough that night. A week later, I was released to light duty, which I was forbidden to do a month before. And within a month, I was back to normal physical activities PAIN-FREE and have never experienced another back spasm since!

Growing up, my mother referred to me as the “why” child because it was important for me to know the purpose behind what I had to do and/or what I was faced with. Not for rebellious purposes, but so I could reproduce any effective habits and/or behaviors that would benefit me. In the same respect, I desire to know God AND understand His ways, which is one of the reasons I truly value the gift of prophecy and prophets in my life to provide those “why” answers and clarity when I need it most. Without the insight of prophecy at that pivotal moment of my life, I am convinced that my days of walking in health were numbered. In addition, I definitely would not have had enough understanding to maintain my healing, spending most of my time focusing on a physical component when I should be dealing with emotional weights instead.

It’s funny how Mr. Hook was my dependency to assist me down the “yellow brick road” called my life for that season. I’m forever grateful that the gift of prophecy has been able to replace him and provide much needed guidance and understanding.

Mr. Hook and I have not spoken in quite some time now. The last I heard he was living in the back of my closet with the toys I collected as a child . . . or maybe it was a sad goodbye at the G.O.O.D. yard sale. Either way, thanks to the gift of prophecy, I can assure you we are both definitely living happily ever after!


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