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It’s a Love Revolution

It’s a Love Revolution that can’t be stopped. Have you ever thought about the person who is completely uncontrollable?  It’s someone who walks in the Love of God. You can’t manipulate them, you can’t upset them, you can’t even threaten them. They operate from a different reference point than other people. These Love Revolutionaries understand that faith is the currency of the Kingdom of God, and faith works by love!

Think about the love described in 1 Corinthians: it’s patient and kind, not conceited or rude, not self-seeking, touchy, or resentful. Love bears up under anything and is always ready to believe the best of every person. This love endures everything without weakening; it never fails.

Love Revolutionaries walk in that level of love. If they walk in that love and love never fails, then they never fail! They are truly unstoppable. Talk about a revolution! What if we all revolted against failure? Never again would we think of anything as a failure, but as a blazing success.  What would that mindset do in our lives?

We would have to change the way we measure success.  We don’t usually measure by love, but by tradition. Churches are measured by how many people show up on Sunday morning, because that’s what tradition has done.  But can you measure the amount of water in a bowl with a ruler? If you put that same amount of water in a smaller bowl, it measures deeper; a bigger bowl measures smaller.  A ruler just isn’t the right kind of tool to measure water with.

Love Revolutionaries use love as the standard of measure, not circumstantial evidence or traditional practices. Walking in love and never failing doesn’t mean that everything always lines up just exactly the way you want it to. Instead, it means your success is measured by how the result fits into the eternal plan of God. The Bible says that God makes all things work together for the good of them that LOVE HIM and are called according to HIS purpose.  That means even bad things have to work together for our good.  Let’s change our measurement of success! Let’s be Love Revolutionaries in the Body of Christ!

(First published 04.13.08)


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  1. We could change the world if we would just walk in love and do what we know to do. Great post.

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