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God’s New Year Resolution

We have all heard the familiar phrase, “Time marches on”. I think now that I am in my forties, I would amend the saying to: time trots and gallops, like a freshly broken horse, looking for opportunities to travel beneath the lowest tree branch in hopes of shedding you from its back. Time does march on, and the pace at which we perceive it moving varies as our perspective changes. When we were children, it seemed time crawled along at a snail’s pace, keeping Christmas perpetually out of our reach. As we have become adults, we feel one holiday season blending into another as quickly as you blend together the ingredients of your favorite Christmas cookie recipe. It’s all about perspective.

Whether time moves quickly or slowly for us isn’t the most important thing: it’s what we do with the time we have. How do we spend our days and moments? Do we value the time we are given? What are the most important things for us to keep in mind as we approach a new year and another time set apart to seeking God?

If God were going to make a New Year’s resolution with us in mind, it might be that we would discover how important it is to keep Him in the center of all three hundred sixty-five days of 2010. Part of His resolution might be that we locate ourselves and discover that each of us are uniquely qualified offerings to be poured out within His church body and throughout our communities. The Hollywood director, Frank Capra, understood the value of a “regular, ordinary” man in the Christmas film, It’s A Wonderful Life. George Bailey looked on his “plain” life as if he had missed his purpose, but God uses an angel to remind him of the impact he had on every aspect of the world he lived in. God intends each of us to make a meteoric dent in our world, but without proper perspective on our purpose, we’ll miss many “every day” opportunities.

The entrance of the new year is always celebrated at our church with a forty-day time of seeking God through prayer and fasting. This Seeking Time gives us an opportunity to unite around our common desire to further the reach and influence of God’s Kingdom and make the new year a launching pad for new and renewed hopes. We can maximize our efforts as a church family, realizing the strength of a three-fold chord versus the individual, solitary battle against strongholds of the past. We can study more in the Word; pray more with understanding and in tongues. We can seek to find more of the truth locked up in our born again spirit, and we can purpose to embrace that truth, no matter what the truth is. As we focus on these things, we maximize every moment and wring purpose out of every single day.

At the end of this year and those to come, we will probably look back and see that the hands on the clock are smoking, the gears and springs hot to the touch, and time is racing by. But as we have purposed to keep God’s resolutions of growth and change, we will also realize that that’s just the way we like it!

~Guy Parker


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