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What’s in Your Attic?

You’re hunting something in a dark attic. You’re fumbling through the darkness, having absolutely no luck. Finally, you stumble across the chain that flips on an old yellowish light bulb that immediately illuminates the whole attic. You look around with disgust and see a thick layer of dust has covered everything. Spider webs hang from the roof and a small rat is in the corner. In fear and anger you curse the light and quickly turn it back off.

It sounds kind of silly doesn’t it? However, Satan is a mastermind at being able to convince us that the light is our problem. Think about it this way: if you touch a hot stove, is it the stove’s fault you get burned? Or if you go to the doctor and he diagnoses you with cancer, is it his fault the cancer is there? It’s obvious neither the stove nor the doctor are the problems in these situations, but when someone in our lives exposes a problem, it’s easier to blame them than it is to evaluate what is in us that is causing us pain.

Burnout is another example of blaming a light bulb for showing us what is in our spiritual attics. You see folks start working a job or picking up some extra duties at church and, before long, they’re saying they are “burned out.” Most of the time, burnout has nothing to do with the job or the extra workload. Those things just put pressure on whatever is already out of place in our lives. Maybe we had priorities wrong and didn’t have God on top of our list. Maybe we weren’t feeding ourselves daily in the Word of God. Either way, it’s not the extra workload that is the problem; it’s not the thing that appears to be “causing the pain” that is the issue. It is only flipping on a light switch to help us evaluate what else is cluttering up our lives.

Satan would like nothing more than to keep us in the dark. But when he can’t keep us totally in the dark he does the next best thing; he makes the light the enemy rather than what is revealed in the light. If we fall for it, we face a struggle in darkness, separated from our source of strength.

Don’t run from the light just because of what it exposes. Be thankful that you have an opportunity to address what is really causing problems for you behind the scenes in your life.

~Ken Hendrix


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