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There once was an old sow who sent her three piglets out into the world.  Each piglet wanted to build a house.  The first pig built his from straw.  It looked like a sturdy enough house, but when the wind blew it scattered and flew away.  The second pig built his house from sticks.  It looked like a pretty solid house with its thick sticks thatched together, but when the storm came and the rain beat down, the house groaned, moaned, and collapsed.  The third little pig loved to work.  He bought bricks and mortar and began to build a beautiful brick home.  It wasn’t much different in shape and size than the first two pigs’ houses, but it took longer to build and was much stronger.  When the storm came to the third pig’s house, the sturdy bricks held together, and the little pig was warm and cozy inside.

Just like these pigs, we are constantly building “houses” in our lives: financial houses, relationship houses, houses for our health.  The question is, “How are we building? Out of straw, sticks, or bricks?” Let’s look at three “house-building” lessons we can learn from these little pigs.

Our first house-building lesson involves the “blueprint” of hope. A blueprint is merely a picture of what you want your house to look like.  If you want a house made of bricks, you don’t create a blueprint for a house made of straw. So, the question is, “How do we create a picture of what we really want?” The picture – the hope – comes from the promises we have in the Word of God. Once we see the glorious promise for our lives, we begin to say that these promises belong to us. Mark 11:22-26 explains how powerful our words of faith are. Proverbs 18:21 tells us, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.” It’s the words we speak that frame the world we live in. In other words, our words are the blueprint of the house we are building. If we speak fear, failure, worry, and negativity, then we are building out of straw. If we choose to say what the Word says and speak life, hope, and blessing, then we are building out of bricks.

The next lesson we can learn from the pigs is this: if you have a great blueprint but you use the wrong materials, then your house is still going to fall down.  The first two pigs had a rough image of what their houses could look like, but they chose building materials that were weak and had no substance.  You choose the right materials by looking at the right thing. Like the twelve spies who went to search out the Promised Land, you have to decide whose report you’re going to believe. Yes, the current economy is scary.  If you watch the news, it can be so depressing that you can see no way out. In fact, watching too much negative talk on television can cause you to start to say negative things and forget that God is still in control. You’re trading your bricks for straw by feeding on the negative report.

The final lesson to building successful houses is patience. The last pig wasn’t afraid of working on something over time. So many want a quick fix, something easy that looks good but with no substance. The Bible says, “faith without works is dead.” It’s not enough to say what the Word says if we don’t want to work on building our house. It takes work and patience to build something permanent.

So, which pig are you?  Do you have a blueprint of “hope” in your life, speaking what the Word says about your situation? Are you using wimpy sticks or straw for your building materials, looking to the fear and negativity in the world, or are you choosing to feed on the report of the Lord, making your materials strong and enduring? Are you in a rush, looking for a quick fix, or are you taking the time to make the house you build a permanent and lasting structure?

And we didn’t even get to the big bad wolf…

~Apostle David Coker


Comments on: "Life Lessons from The Three Little Pigs" (2)

  1. The Celebration said:

    @Lakia… thank you for your subscription and for your words of encouragement. It’s always great to know someone is out there reading and being blessed by the things the Lord has given us to share with the Body of Christ! Bless you!

  2. Wow, I’m over here shouting within! I truly enjoyed your post… Your revelations remind me of Dr. Jamal Bryant, and how he takes the simple things of this world and uses it to bring about clarity to others. I really loved this post! I have to subscribe to your posts and receive more…

    Thank you for sharing your insight…

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