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“Her pulse Oxygen Level is 2.”  At the time I really didn’t know what I was hearing.  My wife had never been sick.  I had raised five children without doctors or medicine.  Call me crazy if you want, but God was faithful.  I saw everything from deep cuts instantly healed to fevers that dissipated in minutes.  So, I had no idea what was going on when my wife continued to get more and more sick and ended up in the emergency room that February night in 1994

The EMS workers were scared to move her, and when they finally did, they drove at breakneck speeds to transport her to Athens where she was sent directly to ICU.  We didn’t know that would be her home for the next 40 days.

I was in that place where your faith is being tried and it seems like everything you believe has been violated.  How could this happen?  I had started praying and fasting a year earlier (TO THE DAY from when she got sick), and I heard Satan tell me, “See, I’m going to kill your wife because you did all of that.”  Fear gripped my heart.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been in that place where it seems like your entire world is falling apart and nothing that you’ve thought was stable is still standing.  It’s a painful place.  It’s a scary place.  You may be there now.

As I sat in the lobby of that ICU hour after hour, I did the only thing I knew to do; I confessed the Word over and over and over again.  I said, “My wife will live and not die and declare the glorious works of the Lord.”

In those moments of literally living off of His Word, I heard Him answer the voice of Satan saying, “No son, Satan can’t kill your wife. I started you praying and fasting a year ahead to prepare you for this, so you would be ready and able to stand.” My faith received the CPR it needed to survive, but was still barely hanging on.

By this time my wife was on dialysis and a ventilator and was mentally incapacitated.  She had been diagnosed with Wegner’s Granulomatosis, a disease that causes massive lesions and hemorrhaging throughout the body.  The doctors sat me down and told me, “Few people survive this disease. Even if she does, she will be so altered – so radically changed- until she won’t be the woman you know and may even be a vegetable. NO ONE has ever recovered from this disease.”   Talk about being crushed.  I felt every ounce of faith drain from my body.  But I kept confessing the Word anyway.

And then it happened: I awoke one morning and simply heard these word’s float through my mind:  “Be not afraid only believe.”  When those words drifted through my mind, Faith came with them.  I knew the verse from Mark 5 where Jesus told Jairus, “Be not afraid only believe,” after the crowd told him that his daughter was already dead. But in my heart, Jesus wasn’t talking to Jairus; He was talking to me.

I drove to the hospital that day where I received the worst report ever from the doctors.  She was allergic to her dialysis medicine; during the night she had pulled out all her tubes and the end was probably very near.  They offered me a handful of pills and said that if I could get her to take them, they might not have to put the tubes back in.

Be not afraid; only believe.  To make a long, grueling day short, I got the pills and 8 oz. of juice in her.  Suddenly, God showed up.  Within a matter of hours, EVERYTHING CHANGED.  Her blindness almost instantly began to recede, her mental state returned, and within one week we went home from the hospital.  To this day, she is the ONLY person to ever receive a completely clean bill of health and be declared in 100% remission from the disease.  Be not afraid; only believe.

I don’t know what you’re going through.  It may be cancer, it may be grief, it may be debt, it may be divorce, it may be anything… but this one thing I know… MY GOD IS MORE THAN ENOUGH.  If He can heal my wife, then He can heal you, too.  BE NOT AFRAID; ONLY BELIEVE!

~Apostle David Coker


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