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Know this, the trying of your faith worketh patience and let patience have her perfect work, that you may be matured and complete, lacking in nothing. – James 1:4

Your faith will be tried. It’s as sure as the sunrise. We can refuse to endure the trial, but in doing so we are refusing God. These trials we face are the testing ground for our faith and a determining factor in fulfilling our destiny. God isn’t setting us up to lose this race; He is trying to prepare us for the parts of the race that are yet to come. He is revealing weaknesses and allowing an adjustment period. He is correcting errors and flaws in our lifestyles.

So, will we allow God the Father to coach us into a lifestyle of success? Or will we continue to run from the training grounds of our trials? God has opened a door  that no man can shut! We must decide if we are going to boldly walk through this door or stand outside, fearful and unable to cross the threshold into this new season.

Mull over this short prayer. See if it helps you endure with patience and let her have her complete work in your life.

Lord, let my eyes be opened so that I can see You in everything I encounter. Let my ears hear what You are saying. Father, I submit myself to Your training and trust Your wisdom and leading. Amen.

~Johann Greco


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